How frontBrick automated email-warm up and got a 99% deliverability score with lemwarm

Stan Stojanovic, Founder of frontBrick growth agency, used lemwarm to automate email warm-up and ensure his emails land out of spam.
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Meet frontBrick, a B2B growth agency that delivers remarkable ROI

frontBrick is a growth agency that helps B2B revenue and sales teams implement hyper-personalized outbound systems that open new business opportunities.

We are a team of dedicated professionals driven by a shared passion for transforming lives - personally and professionally. Our mission is simple yet profound: to propel businesses forward through outbound strategies that deliver remarkable ROI. - Stan Stojanovic, Founder at frontBrick

They offer services such as cold emailing, LinkedIn lead generation, SDR as a service, and Outbound sales consulting to mostly

  • web agencies targeting SaaS, FinTech, Health Tech B2B companies
  • B2B SaaS clients who offer solutions for eCommerce and Retail, often targeting C-level

However, achieving over 95% of the client's ROI didn't come without email deliverability challenges.

Ensuring hyper-personalized outreach for 20+ customers without landing in spam requires a proper email warm-up.

How to hyper-personalize clients’ outreach at scale without landing in spam

Before lemlist, FrontBrick struggled with a low email deliverability score.

The deliverability score measures the ability of emails to land in the primary inbox. The higher the number, the more likely emails will reach out directly to the target audience, and Stan can create new business opportunities for his clients.

So if Stan wanted to have a high deliverability score, he should have warmed up his email address.

The email warm-up gradually increases in sending volume to build a good domain reputation. By ensuring human-like activity, the warm-up balances email activity and ensures emails stop landing in spam.

However, manually sending many emails to a fixed schedule can be a pain as it requires much time and effort.

Deliverability tools we tested out were complicated to onboard, and deliverability reports were incorrect.

Warming-up email domain on autopilot

As a user of lemlist, an all-in-one outreach tool, Stan got free access to lemwarm.

lemwarm is an email warm-up and deliverability booster that 100% automates warm-up sending efforts!

Before lemwarm, my domain wasn’t pre warmed and it was too time consuming to warm it up manually.

It helped Stan to:

→ Save time and money with an automated warm-up process

→ Gain a good sender reputation with a tailored strategy

→ Improve his sender reputation with human-like conversations

→ Maintain high deliverability with detailed reporting & tips

lemwarm was so easy to setup and it was clear to understand if email is ready for campaigns.

99% deliverability score = Reaching target audience in their primary inboxes

Without lemwarm, all our work on the targeted list, data-driven copy, and creative approach with custom images, videos, and landing pages would be worthless because we would end up in spam. lemwarm ensures our emails land in the primary folder.

Before lemwarm, frontBrick struggled with

  • Low open rate: 30%
  • Low reply rate: 2%
  • High bounce rate: 7%

Thanks to its automated email warm-up with personalized emails, custom deliverability alerts & tips, and integration with lemlist, he managed to achieve:

  • Open rate: 72%

  • Deliverability score: 99%
  • Reply rate: 19%

  • Bounce rate: 1.5%

As for the future? Stan will continue warming up his domain to ensure his emails land out of the spam folder and his messaging gets through. And his tool of choice? 👇

lemwarm has a nice UI/UX, it’s easy to use, has a solid warmup, and, together with lemlist, provides an all-in-one solution.

frontBrick is a B2B growth agency that implements end-to-end outbound systems to open new opportunities and drive revenue.
Belgrade, Serbia
Agency Sales Outbound
7 employees

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