Discover lemwarm plans

Find out how each lemwarm plan can help you boost your business growth.

Hey there!

If you want to understand the difference between the two lemwarm plans that we’re offering, you’ve come to the right place!

Let me take you through each of them.

First of all, here’s a peak to compare both types of plans and subscriptions:

What’s the Essential plan?

What you’re getting:

  • Essential content email
  • DNS check
  • Deliverability score

 What is the Essential content email? 

For those of you who were already using our deliverability booster before, you might remember how the emails used to look with their funny content.

That’s in the past now as the content is replaced with real-life templates that make more sense.

If you want lemwarm emails that are even more customized and sent using custom variables, check out the details of the Smart Plan below.

What is a DNS check? 

A dashboard that allows you to check if your DNS is top-notch or needs to be created/modified.

Check out here to find out more about DNS checks and its records.

What is a Deliverability score? 

Analyze your inbox and your lemwarm usage to estimate your deliverability status.

Red -> things are not looking so good (blacklisted, DNS not good, the wrong configuration, there can be several different reasons).

We advised you not to send campaigns with this status and we will give you advice on what to do to improve your situation.

Orange -> you can start to send campaigns but with a low volume because your results are not optimal yet.

Green -> you can go ahead and start sending campaigns but make sure to keep lemwarm active at all times to keep good results.

What’s the Smart plan?

When you’re choosing to go for the smart plan, you’ll go through a questionnaire, and depending on your answers, we'll adapt the content and the cluster in which you'll be placed.

What you’re getting:

  • All features included in the Essential plan explained above
  • Personalized warm-up emails
  • Warm-up your real email templates
  • Custom deliverability alerts & tips
  • Warm-up network tailored to your industry
  • Early access to guides & masterclasses

What are Personalized warm-up emails?

We will send automated & ultra-personalized emails from your inbox based on your audience and email goals.

Also, we'll use custom variables depending on what you answered during the Smart questionnaire.

This will increase your email sending reputation and helps you reach and maintain a high deliverability score.

What are Warm-up templates ?

You can add your real email templates to lemwarm and warm them up.

What is Warm-up network tailored to your industry?

You will get automatically assigned to a specific cluster according to your industry, targeted audience, and email goals to tailor your deliverability strategy and boost your deliverability score.

How does the billing work?

For both plans, we do offer a monthly or yearly subscription option. It’s up to you to choose!

The main differences are:

1. Using a monthly plan, you’re getting charged each month based on your subscription date and you can cancel your plan whenever you want.

Ie: you subscribe on the 1st of January, you then pay right away for the period covering January 1st until February 1st.

If you decide to cancel on the 15th of January, your service will still run until February 1st and will stop on that day.

2. Using a yearly plan, you’re getting charged in one go for the entire year and you can still cancel whenever you want during that year. The service will run until the end of the period of one year.

With a yearly plan, you’re getting a 20% discount overall compared to monthly plans.

Ie: you subscribe on the 1st of January, you then pay right away for the period covering January 1st until next January 1st.

If you decide to cancel on the 15th of January, your service will still run until January 1st of the following year and will stop on that day.

Can I add more email addresses to warm in a single plan?

You sure can but you’ll need to create a team and add more seats to your plan for that, as one seat = one email address that you can warm up!