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Chapter 1
What is Email Deliverability? And why is it important?

What is Email Deliverability?

Email deliverability is the ability to deliver emails right into your target’s primary inbox. In short, your deliverability measures whether your emails successfully get to your audience.
Most people associate deliverability with email delivery, which is an important metric to consider when sending emails, but its very different from deliverability.

The Difference Between Deliverability and Delivery Rate

Email delivery refers to whether or not your emails were received by the servers of your audience’s inbox providers, i.e. if your audience gets your emails.
Email deliverability tells you where your emails land if your audience gets them - in the spam or inbox folder.When tracking your deliverability and email delivery rate, keep in mind that:

a good delivery rate ≠ your emails land in the inbox
Inbox providers might have received your emails but decided to land them in the spam folder
high delivery rate + low deliverability rate = poor campaign performance
Even if your emails are delivered, the delivery rate doesn’t tell you where your email landed, which means they could be landing in spam without you knowing.

Why is Email Deliverability so important?

Your email deliverability is the #1 element that will make the difference when reaching out to your audience via email. It doesn’t matter how well you targeted your audience or wrote your email’s content. If you have deliverability issues, your emails might never get opened by your prospects or subscribers.
Monitoring your deliverability score before - during - after sending campaigns helps you to spot and prevent any deliverability issues that might send your emails directly to the spam folder.

How do you know that you have an issue with email deliverability?

Less than 50% open rate = high chances to have your emails land in spam
(just keep in mind that open rates metrics are not totally reliable - it all depends on the industry + all factors)
Monitor lemwarm reports and automatically get your deliverability score

What is the best way to improve deliverability?

Based on the deliverability score, you can tell if you have deliverability issues that send your emails to the spam folder.
The higher your deliverability score is, the more likely your emails will reach out directly to your audience and help you create new growth opportunities. To make sure you avoid deliverability issues and improve your deliverability score, you should:

1.Set up and warm-up your email

Technical setup is one of the most critical factor for email deliverability. You don’t have to be a tech expert to set up your email address.Here’s what you need to know:

  • SPF: Guarantees that your emails are sent from your own domain.
  • DKIM: Guarantees that your emails are not changed after they are sent.
  • DMARC: Protect your domain from attacks and phishing.
  • MX Record: Helps email service providers knows your reliable.
  • Custom Tracking Domain: For open and click rate tracking

lemwarm guides you in every step of your setup, if something’s missing, you’ll be notified before it harms your performance.
The warm-up stage is the process of gradually increasing the emails sent from your account to boost your email engagement, reputation, and deliverability. Think about the warm-up as a protection tool for your emails. If you continuously warm up your domain before - during - and after sending emails, your emails will land in the inbox folder consistently.

The warm-up process:

  • ensures you stop landing in the spam folder
  • teaches email providers that your emails shouldn’t end up in spam
  • helps you match ‘human-like behavior’ which is a good sign to your email provider

2.Use a deliverability booster

Warming up your email address helps you avoid deliverability issues but won’t keep you away from the spam folder forever.
What makes a real difference, especially if you send cold emails is the deliverability booster process.
The deliverability booster:

  • boosts your email reputation
  • protects your reputation on a domain and IP level
  • checks your content to ensure it won’t trigger spam filters
  • helps you reach a higher deliverability score in the long-run
Chapter 2
How can lemwarm boost your deliverability and increase your campaign performance?

lemwarm is the most complete email warm-up tool and deliverability booster on the market that can help you achieve a high deliverability score and maintain it in the long run.
With lemwarm, you can personalize your deliverability strategy - warm up and deliverability booster process - based on your goals and email characteristics. This helps you build a strong email reputation, and also improves your deliverability score so you can avoid the spam folder

1. Avoid the spam folder with a custom deliverability strategy

lemwarm automatically creates for you a custom warm-up strategy based on your needs. The tool will gradually increase the number of warm-up emails sent until they consistently land in the inbox. You’ll be able to track your deliverability score progress and know exactly when you can start sending emails without the risk of landing in the spam folder.

You’ll get assigned to a specific email cluster according to your industry, audience, and email goals to boost your sender reputation and leave the best impression for your email provider. This will increase your deliverability and chances of landing in the primary inbox.

2. Improve sender reputation with human-like conversations

One of the biggest differences between lemwarm and other tools on the market is that lemwarm comes with reliable and accurate warm-up emails based on users’ target audience.  

The tool automatically starts conversations with 10,000+ real users with up to 25+ years of domain age and great reputation instead of talking with fake email addresses or bots. This results in more accurate stats and a higher deliverability score in the long run for all users.

3. Maintain high deliverability with a detailed deliverability report

By having access to a detailed deliverability score dashboard, you can monitor everything that affects your deliverability. For example, making sure you’re not present on any blacklist.  

You’re also able to track your sender reputation and deliverability as well as apply exclusive tips lemwarm gives you to keep a high deliverability score.
All the data available helps you react promptly and maintain good deliverability to reach straight to your audience every time.

Chapter 3
How to set up lemwarm easily without any technical knowledge?

Step 1: Verify your email address

By clicking on the “Verify your email” button, you’ll receive a verification email (in the inbox of the email you used to log in on lemwarm).

To verify your account email, simply click the link in your email. And voilà! You’re ready to start warming up your account.

Step 2: Choose your plan

You can choose between the Essential and Smart plans

The Essential Plan:
Sends emails with generic content to maintain your email reputation and increase deliverability while monitoring the deliverability score.

The Smart Plan:

Includes all features of the Essential Plan, and provides an additional boost to your deliverability using these features:
Smart content emails: Instead of sending “normal” emails to other lemwarmers, the smart content generates personalized emails based on your cluster. This way, the lemwarm emails look exactly like the ones you would be sending yourself!
Smart cluster: The smart cluster allows you to boost your deliverability based on your industry, target audience, and other information you share in the smart cluster setup questionnaire. By answering the questionnaire, you choose who you’re going to reach out to.

Learn more about the lemwarm plans here.

Step 3: Connect your email provider

Here, you connect the email address that you want to warm up.

The email address you want to warm up can be different from the one you used to create your lemwarm account.

You can connect your email provider easily by following this article.

Step 4: Start lemwarm

By clicking on “Start lemwarm”, you are allowing lemwarm to send custom emails on your behalf, and also to reply to them. 

From now on, you can track your DNS check which will tell you if there’s something you should do to improve your setup:

Now, you’re ready to customize your settings even further to maximize the deliverability according to your domain age and email goals.

Customize your settings:

Whether you have an old or brand new email address, these smart settings will help you keep your email warm for the long run:

What are these numbers?

  1. Warm-up emails per day after ramp-up

This value is the limit of total lemwarm emails that can be sent per day. Once this limit is reached, the increment stops. If your email account is < 6 months old this maximum number should be 30. If your email account is > 6 months old this maximum number should be 40. 2.The ramp-up increment value per day

You want to gradually send warm-up emails. The number of lemwarm emails sent per day is increased by this number to progressively reach the maximum number you set.

If your email account is < 6 months old this maximum number should be 1. If your email account is > 6 months old this maximum number should be 2.
For example, if your ramp-up increment value is 2, and warm-up emails per day after ramp-up is 40, here is what is going to happen:

DAY 1 : lemwarm will send 2 emails DAY 2 : lemwarm will send 4 emails DAY 3 : lemwarm will send 6 emails ... and so on, until you reach 40 emails per day.

On average the warm-up process takes one month.

During this initial warm-up phase, try not to send outreach campaigns. Your deliverability will be better if you wait until the end of this initial phase.

After the initial warm-up phase, you can progressively start sending campaigns:

WEEK 1: 20 emails/day WEEK 2: 40 emails/day WEEK 3 AND AFTER: 60 to 100 emails/day

Beware: if you want to hit 80% open rates and never go to spam, keep your lemwarm ON.

Step 5: Activate the Smart Cluster

This feature will allow you to send automated and ultra-personalized emails from your inbox based on your audience and email goals.
Each message and subject line is generated based on the info you share in the smart cluster questionnaire.

Why is that important?

Because email providers will check the content you’re sending and evaluate it. That’s why email exchange relevant to your business improves your sending reputation and helps you achieve better deliverability results.

So, to boost your deliverability score, specify all your preferences as shown below:

P.S. Emails that your account sends and receives for the warm-up process are automatically labeled in your inbox so that you can filter them out and keep them out of your primary inbox.

Monitor your deliverability score

On your lemwarm dashboard, you’ll have access to your deliverability score and insights on how to improve it:

If your deliverability score is: 

Red: You might be blacklisted, have a bad DNS or have something wrong with your technical setup. Whatever the case, you’ll know thanks to lemwarm tips.

Orange: It means your results are not optimal yet. You can start sending campaigns but keep the volume low.

Green: You’re ready to start sending campaigns, but make sure to keep lemwarm active at all times to maintain these results.

Based on the time frame you choose, you can get a detailed report containing:

  • total lemwarm email sent including emails & replies sent to other users
  • Data on where your emails landed, whether it’s the spam or the inbox folder.

All these reports will keep you aware of how your emails are performing and what steps you can take to improve your deliverability.

PS: lemwarm labels all your warm-up emails with ‘lemwarmup.' You can these emails so they skip your inbox and don’t interfere with your outreach.

Here’s the filter you can use on Gmail👇

And the filter you can use on Outlook👇

If you use any other email provider, make sure your filter checks:
✅ Skip the inbox/Move to archive
✅ Mark as important
✅ Never send it to spam

The key takeaways If you want your emails to be read by the person you want to contact, you should always keep lemwarm ON before - during - after sending your campaigns.

Keep an eye on your deliverability score and tips on your dashboard, and take action whenever your deliverability is low.

Keep in mind that reaching a high deliverability score is a long-term process, but you can speed up things and boost your sender reputation if keep lemwarm ON before - during - after sending your campaigns.

Learn more about deliverability

Deliverability might sound like a complex topic, so here is how you can get helps with your deliverability questions and find valuable tips to stay out of spam:

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why use a deliverability booster and monitoring tool?

Here's why you need to use a deliverability booster and monitoring tool:

Think of email deliverability as a shield for your emails. It makes sure your emails get delivered and reach the right people in their inboxes. When you work on your deliverability, email service providers (ESPs) will trust you and are less likely to land your emails in the spam folder.

In the long run, monitoring your deliverability is the only way to follow closely your campaigns performance. You’ll receive insights on your technical setup, email content, sending habits and overall performance and know how to improve every part of your campaign.

What does lemwarm do?

lemwarm is a warm-up and deliverability booster tool.

In simple words, lemwarm helps you send emails without them going to spam. It has one goal: to make sure your emails reach your audience.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Set-up and warm-up your email

Before you start sending emails, lemwarm helps you set up your email correctly. This means adjusting some settings like SPF, DKIM, DMARC, MX Records, and Custom Tracking Domain.

Once you turn lemwarm ON, the initial warm-up process starts. With 20,000+ domains from 150+ countries, lemwarm has the most diverse and advanced email warm-up pool on the market.  

Personalized warm-up emails will be sent to your cluster automatically. You'll also receive custom replies to these warm-up emails to make the process as natural as possible. 

Step 2: Boost your deliverability (coming soon)

After the warm-up phase, lemwarm focuses on maintaining and boosting your deliverability.

It keeps track of your sending volume, warn you if your content triggers spam-filters and keep a steady sending volume to avoid sending bad signals to email providers.

Step 3: Monitor your deliverability

With deliverability monitoring, you’ll receive daily insights about your performance, technical setup and sender reputation. 

Keeping an eye on every part of your deliverability is the best way to avoid bad surprises or blacklists.

Can I book a demo of lemwarm?

Yes! If you want to learn more about deliverability and how lemwarm helps improving it, join us for a deliverability live event every two weeks at 6PM CET.

How long should I keep lemwarm on?

The initial warm-up phase takes around 3-4 weeks. But stopping the warm-up process after this stage will make your sending pattern irregular, which can reduce your deliverability score and land emails in spam.

For long-term results, it's essential to keep your warm-up and deliverability booster tool ON before-during-after sending campaigns.

Is lemwarm safe?

Yes, lemwarm is 100% reliable and safe to use. It works on an OAuth-based system and follows all email provider rules.

They use lemwarm to get emails delivered and read

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Jimmy Ewins
Warming up email addresses is the most underrated thing to do when approaching cold email outreach.
Harris Kenny
lemwarm is good, we use it for my agency and have a bunch of clients on it. Compared to other tools, I find lemwarm gives you a lot of control to decide how much risk to take with sending, which I like!
Asfand Rafiq
Using lemwarm for a while and the deliverability of my email account has significantly improved. Thanks to the reports, I could control the number of emails sent and didn’t land in spam.
Sean O’Dowd
lemwarm seems to have saved the day. Email is getting greener by the day and solely green today.

Spam no more!!
Leonard Grynfogel
lemwarm  gives the email address the option to be warmed up before sending bulk emails thus getting less bounced emails, and emails sent to spam.

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