How does our seats system work?

If you are wondering what seat access means, no worries - we covered it all 🤓

💡 One pretty simple rule to understand:

If you need to send campaigns with one user, this user will require to have a seat access that is enabled.

Meaning you can invite as many users as you want in your team, although, only the ones with their seats access enabled will be able to use the lemlist service.

In this first screenshot of Plans and Billing section we can see that:

  • I'm paying for 55 seats
  • Only 54 of those 55 paid seats have been given to my users.

In this second screenshot, we can see the difference between a seat access that is enabled and one that is disabled:

💡 The seat system is very useful to manage team users and their access, permitting to re-affect seats from one user to another. It is especially useful for big teams or agencies.

Sometimes, you may need one person as part of the team for just management purposes but without having to pay for an actual seat.

So you can invite that person in and disabled their seat access and voilà!

What impact will this change make on your account? 🤔

Seats will be automatically pre-affected to users so nothing special will be done for teams. If your plan runs out of seats, however, then you can still invite people to your team but no seat will be affected to them.

Here is how you can activate a seat for each user

You need to go to your Plans & Billing section and scroll down - then enable or disable the seats as you want:

Based on the seats, users will be locked from accessing the section they do not have the right to see:

  • if your billing is not ok, you have only access to billing and users' settings
  • if you are not an Admin, if you have no seat, you have only access to billing and users settings, and you can not edit nor start a campaign.
  • If you're an Admin, you have access to everything.
  • If you have no seat, you can edit campaigns, but not start them if you are the sender.
  • The sender of the campaign (one of your clients) must have a seat that is paid for to start sending campaigns.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the support team ❤️