What are the different roles and which one to choose?

Roles in lemwarm let you decide what level of access a user can have in your account. You can choose from the following roles and permission sets.

Understand the different permission settings for users in lemlist

  • Admin = can access everything in each accounts he's a part of and gets exclusive access to the cockpit menu.
  • Member = can access everything except the entire billing section. A member can'( invite nor kick any other user in or from the team nor changes his own role or any other user's role.
  • Extern = cannot do anything except access the report of his own team account, but only if he was allowed password-less login when invited.

How to choose roles and or change them

👉 You can either chose it from the get go while inviting a new usr in your team:

  • When you're inviting a new user in your team from your Cockpit > Team then click on Invite users and a pop-up window will open allowing you to invite new users inside your team.
  • From there you can either chose to invite a "regular" user as an admin or member:
  • Or choose to create an extern user instead:

💡 Note that when you want to invite new users as admins/members, you can do so in bulk.

👉 If you made a mistake in the role during the invitation process, you can change it later on from your Cockpit:

  • Go yo your Cockpit > Team
  • Find the user for which you're interested in changing the role
  • Then select the new role you'd like to give them:

💡 Important: note that a user that is an extern cannot be changed to a member role nor admin. You'll have to remove that user from the team and re-invite them with the appropriate role you'd like for them.