Why did my lemwarm stop?

Find out why lemwarm doesn't warm up your email address anymore and how to prevent it.

Hey there!

You noticed lemwarm doesn't warm up your email address anymore, and you're worried? It's time for answers.

The two reasons why lemwarm could stop:

1. You manually paused it

By clicking on the Stop button:

2. The warming stopped automatically

Because of a bounced email, warming can stop automatically.

If you (A) send an email and that receiver (B) bounces it, it is not always user B's fault.

In some cases (if B's address doesn't exist), we will disable user B's lemwarm. But if user B says that you (A) are sending spam, it's user A's lemwarm that is disabled.

Why? To prevent user B from harming other users.

If that's your case, here's what you need to check out:

  1. Custom tracking domain - Make sure to create it
  2. Email deliverability- Check other technical things that you need to set it up properly

Once you set up everything: Go to Settings > Email warm-up section > start lemwarm by clicking on "Start".

However, if lemwarm stops automatically because of a bounced email, please check with your email provider why that email bounced.

Extra tip 💡

There can be multiple reasons why emails bounce -> Dive into the subject with this article.

If you still need a hand after reading this article, just ping us on the chat. We'll be more than happy to help!