How to Configure Your MX Records on GoDaddy

Did you know that…

Having misconfigured or missing MX records can hurt your email deliverability?

It signals improper domain and email setup, raising a red flag about the legitimacy of the sender.

As if that weren’t problematic enough, not having your MX records set up also prevents the proper implementation of important email authentication protocols like DKIM, SPF, and DMARC, which help establish sender reputation.

Finally, what good is email outreach if many replies do not come back to you?

Without MX records, email providers may not be able to correctly route email to your servers, making it much harder to receive replies.

If that convinced you of the importance of MX records, here’s how to set up MX records on GoDaddy, the biggest domain provider in the world.

Adding MX Records to GoDaddy 📝

If your domain uses GoDaddy’s nameservers and email services, then GoDaddy automatically adds MX records for you.

If not, then you must get the MX record settings from your email service provider and follow the process below:

  1. ➡️ Log in to your GoDaddy account
  2. ➡️ Go to your Domain Portfolio
  3. ➡️ Select the domain you want to add the MX record for
  4. ➡️ Click DNS
  5. ➡️ Click on Add New Record
  6. ➡️ Choose TXT from the Type menu
  7. ➡️ Now for the details of your MX record
    1. 👉 Name: The name field holds the information on where incoming mail should be directed. "@" puts the record on your root domain. Usually, this is the desired setting. However, if, for example, you want to receive emails to a specific address, you can add an email address, for example:
    2. 👉 Priority: This determines which record to use first when there are multiple MX records set up
    3. 👉 Value: The mail server, for example,
    4. 👉 TTL: Server caching time before refreshing. The default is 1 hour.
  8. ✅Click save
If your domain has Domain Protection enabled, you must verify your identity through 2-step verification.

DNS updates can take up to 48 hours to propagate.

Setting Your House in Order Before Doing Email Outreach 🏡

One of the best ways to make more money through email outreach is to have your technical setup on-point.

Your MX records are an important component of that.

But if you want superior open rates and a boost in ROI, you'll also need to manage your domain authentication records and set up a custom tracking domain.

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