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Follow a 3-step framework on everything you need to know about deliverability, how it affects you, and how to avoid spam.
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Build your lead list with verified emails, write and personalize at scale, and send cold emails that get actually get delivered with lemlist and lemwarm - the combo used by 20,000+ outreach experts worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why use a deliverability booster and monitoring tool?

Here's why you need to use a deliverability booster and monitoring tool:

Think of email deliverability as a shield for your emails. It makes sure your emails get delivered and reach the right people in their inboxes. When you work on your deliverability, email service providers (ESPs) will trust you and are less likely to land your emails in the spam folder.

In the long run, monitoring your deliverability is the only way to follow closely your campaigns performance. You’ll receive insights on your technical setup, email content, sending habits and overall performance and know how to improve every part of your campaign.

Does deliverability really have an impact on email performance?

Email deliverability is the process that will make your emails land in your leads inboxes. 

If you’re emails land in the spam folder, they will be ignored and you won’t generate revenue.

Ensuring all your emails are seen is the first step for your campaign success. lemwarm users reach 65%+ open rate and 17% reply rate  on average.

Can I use lemwarm and lemlist together?

Of course, and you should!

lemwarm boost and monitor your deliverability to make your emails land in the inbox folder.

lemlist helps you book meeting and getting replies with features like:

Multichannel prospecting: Reach out to leads on their favourite channels and boost replies ratesB2B lead database: Find leads and their emails in a database of 450+ million contact.
Inbox rotation: Increase your sending limits by automatically rotating your senders.

It’s a perfect match! 

Friendly reminder: lemwarm subscription is free in every plan starting from the “Email Pro” plan.

Can I book a demo of lemwarm?

Yes! If you want to learn more about deliverability and how lemwarm helps improving it, join us for a deliverability live event every two weeks at 6PM CET.

Is lemwarm safe?

Yes, lemwarm is 100% reliable and safe to use. It works on an OAuth-based system and follows all email provider rules.