What will lemwarm warm up exactly?

Find out what exactly lemwarm can warm up

Wondering what lemwarm warms up? When to use it and for what exactly? Check out all the questions and answers below.

Does lemwarm warm my IP?

lemwarm helps you to warm up your email address before - during, and after reaching out to your audience. This action will increase your deliverability and send your emails to the inbox folder.

The warming-up process is available only for email addresses, not for IPs.

Will my entire domain be warmed up as well?

As long as you warm the email addresses linked to your domain, have good deliverability practices, and keep lemwarm on during - before - after sending campaigns, your domain reputation will benefit from it.

But if other collaborators also send emails using the same domain without having good practices or warming their emails up, it will also impact the domain in the wrong way.

You can see it as a Tug of War game.

That is why we often advise using a separate domain freshly created for your outreach.

It will keep things clean and separated from the rest of your main domain activity.

Can I warm up an alias?

First, there are two type of aliases.

1. Your alias has an inbox of its own: in that case, yes you can warm that alias up. (please read the use case below)

2. Your alias does not have an inbox of it's own, it's just a mask: in that case you cannot warm this alias up.

Please note that the only email that we will warm up will always the one defined as your primary email on your email provider side.

👉 Here's a concrete example:

Today I connect agathe@mydomain.ie to lemwarm. This email address has 3 aliases:

  • agathe@mydomain.ie (primary)
  • lulu@mydomain.ie
  • toto@mydomain.ie

agathe@mydomain.ie is the only email address that lemwarm is going to warm up.

If you'd like to warm up "lulu@" and "toto@" as well, you'll have to add more seats to your lemwarm plan and connect the other emails for lemwarm to be able to warm them up.

Can I connect an SMTP relay to lemwarm?

Unfortunately not.

lemwarm requires a connection to a single inbox that has SMTP and IMAP so as a result, you cannot use SMTP relays.

👉 Here is a non exhaustive list of providers that we do not support:

  • Sengrid
  • Mailgun
  • Sendinblue
  • Mailjet
  • O2switch
  • AmazonSES
  • Postmark
  • Cloudmark
  • Hostgator