How does the new lemwarm improve your deliverability?

Mihaela Cicvaric
April 30, 2024
8 min.

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In the past few days, some of our users have reported changes in their lemwarm stats. While working on lemwarm for the past months, we anticipated these changes as they are part of improving the tool and transforming it into the best warm-up and deliverability booster on the market.

Reliable and accurate warm-up emails

The new lemwarm comes with reliable and accurate warm-up emails based on users’ target audience. These emails can trigger email providers, as they are similar to what people actually write.

Here’s an example of an old warm-up email:

And here’s an example of a new warm-up email:

As you can see, the content of the new warm-up emails has been improved and it’s close to what people write in their cold emails. This results in more accurate stats and a higher deliverability score in the long run.

The fact that these warm-up emails are so close to what people usually write and are one of the most accurate ones on the market triggers the email providers. That's why some of you might see the changes in your lemwarm stats.

Category ≠ Spam folder

Landing in the category folder is common for B2B outreach and it’s not a negative thing.

If you send your emails to professional accounts, your emails will end up in the Inbox even though they are in the Category folder.

That’s why it’s important to remember that landing in the Category is not equal to landing in the Spam folder.

Keep your lemwarm ON to warm up and boost your deliverability

If you see any negative changes in your lemwarm stats, don’t panic.

They are part of the process and, in the future close, you’ll get better results. How? The warm-up emails you’re sending now are improved to be the most relevant on the market with the goal of helping you increase your deliverability over time.

The most important thing is to keep your lemwarm ON, as reaching a good deliverability score is a long-term process.

If you continuously warm up your domain, your emails will automatically land in the Inbox, avoiding Categories or Spam folders. That trains email providers that they shouldn’t initially end up in these folders.

Once you initially warm up your email, there’s the booster stage where your deliverability will maintain high, as long you keep your deliverability booster running.

Key takeaways

✅ The new lemwarm gives you more accurate tracking results as the warm-up emails are very similar to the ones you send every day.

✅ Your B2B emails landing in Category are also landing in the Inbox as the Category ≠ Spam folder.

✅ Keep lemwarm ON all the time to warm up and boost your deliverability. This will help you to land all your emails in the Inbox and automatically avoid Categories or Spam folders.

P.S. In case you have any questions left, you can join our lemlist family community for more deliverability tips and tricks, or reach out to our support team at support@lemwarm.co

Mihaela Cicvaric
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