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Mihaela Cicvaric
April 30, 2024
8 min.

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Blacklists are lists of email domains sending spam or unwanted emails. Email providers use these lists to protect email users from receiving such messages.

Even if you aren’t sending spam, you could get blacklisted for sending too many emails at once or landing in spam traps.

Getting blacklisted can ruin your sender reputation and lower your deliverability. This reduces your chances of reaching the inbox and increases your likelihood of landing in spam instead.

So here’s how lemwarm can help you protect your deliverability and avoid blacklists.

Monitor if you’ve been blacklisted

lemwarm regularly checks blacklist databases and alerts you if your email address gets blacklisted. This allows you to take immediate action and get yourself removed as soon as possible.

Here’s what the blacklist section of your dashboard looks like 👇

How to get delisted and improve your deliverability score?

Blacklisting can lower your deliverability score.

To increase your score again and avoid the spam folder, here are 5 steps you can follow:

1. Find out which blacklist you’re on

The first step is to find out which blacklists you’re on. This will help you know what lists to target since every blacklist has its own process to get removed.

Your lemwarm dashboard will give you this information.

For example, this user is on the ZeroDot1 Bad IPs blacklist. 👇

2. Find out why you were blacklisted

Once you’ve identified the blacklist(s) you’re on, understand why your email IP or domain was blocked in the first place.

Ask these questions to figure out potential reasons why you might be blocked:

  • Did you get too many spam complaints?
  • Was your bounce rate too high? (> 5%)
  • Did you send too many emails at once?

The exact reason why your email was blacklisted will be mentioned in the report you get from the blacklist itself.

3. Fix the issue

Depending on why you were blacklisted, ensure you’ve taken steps to fix the issue.

For example, if you were blocked for getting too many spam complaints, here’s what you can do:

→ Add a clear unsubscribe button to ensure that only people who want to receive your emails stay on your list.

→ Take feedback from your audience to understand what you could do better. Spam complaints could mean you aren't reaching the right target audience.

Clean your email list and update it as your offer evolves to ensure you’re reaching out to the right audience who will find it valuable.

4. Request for removal

Every blacklist has a process to get removed.

Sometimes, just following deliverability best practices for a few weeks automatically removes you. Other times, you need to follow specific steps.

Either way, you can only request an email blacklist removal when you’ve fixed the issue that got you blocked. Once fixed, contact the blacklist and ask for the required steps to get removed.

Usually, this includes filling out a form, sending out an email, or paying a fee.

For example, invaluement has a dedicated process for delisting requests 👇

5. Monitor your deliverability

Once you’re removed from the blacklist, monitor your deliverability before, during, and after sending email campaigns. Your lemwarm dashboard is perfect for this.

This will help you take other steps to boost your deliverability if needed and avoid the spam folder.

For example, if you see any soft bounces in your email metrics, you should immediately reduce your bounce rate before it triggers email providers and gets you blocked.

You'll also find resources and tips in the lemwarm tips section 👇

How to avoid getting blacklisted in the future?

The best way to avoid getting blacklisted is to:

  • keep lemwarm ON before-during-after sending campaigns
  • follow deliverability best practices
  • avoid sending more than 50-80 cold emails per day and if you’re sending newsletters or transactional emails, don’t send them all at once. Spread them across the day.
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