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GMass’s email warm-up is shutting down - here’s an alternative to keep your emails away from spam

August 18, 2023
7 min.

GMass is shutting down its email warm-up services, and other warm-up tools are following suit. What does this mean for your email outreach? In this article, you’ll find out why most warm-up tools will shut down in the coming months and what you can do next to keep your emails from landing in spam.

Why is GMass shutting down its email warm-up service?

Most warm-up tools, including GMass, use a specific API to offer their services. The providers of this API have decided that GMass and other similar tools might lose access to the API if they don’t shut down their warm-up services.

So, to maintain access to this API, GMass, and other warm-up tools have decided to disable their email warming features.

We saw this coming — here’s why lemwarm will keep working

In August 2022, we changed how our warm-up and deliverability service works by switching from API to an IMAP-based system.

Along with a new and improved algorithm, lemwarm is now one of the best warm-up and deliverability boosters on the market, 100% reliable and safe to use for anyone out there sending cold emails, newsletters, transactional emails, or simply reaching out to an audience via email.

So, how to avoid deliverability issues when sending emails?

If you send emails to an audience, you should check your deliverability before, during, and after sending your campaigns. Only by monitoring your deliverability score, you can prevent your emails from landing in the spam folder.

You can take different actions to increase your deliverability, but keep in mind that only by using an email warm-up and deliverability booster, you can make sure your emails will be received by your audience in their inboxes.

Here are 4 easy steps to start improving your deliverability.

1. Do your technical setup

Your technical setup shows email providers that you are a verified sender and that your emails are safe. This keeps them away from the spam folder.

You can do your technical setup in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Set up your SPF

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework. This verifies that your emails have been sent from your domain.

Step 2: Set up your DKIM

DKIM stands for DomainKeys Identified Mail. This guarantees that your emails are not changed after they are sent.

Step 3: Set up your DMARC

DMARC stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance. This helps protect your domain from attacks, phishing emails, etc.

ℹ️  Here's a guide to help set up your SPF, DKIM, DMARC

Step 4: Set up your MX Record

MX Record stands for your ‘mail exchange’ record. This helps providers know what servers accept emails for your domain. Without it, you won’t be able to receive emails.

ℹ️  Here's a guide to help set up your MX Records

Step 5: Set up your Custom Tracking Domain

This allows you to track open and click rates in your emails safely.

ℹ️  Here's a guide to help set up your Custom Tracking Domain

2. Keep a healthy mailing list

Having invalid email addresses in your list increases your bounce rate and ruins your sender reputation. Verify your email list regularly, and never send emails to unsubscribed people.

Check out or debounce to make sure you only send emails to valid addresses.

3. Send high-quality emails

Email providers check if your audience is engaging with the emails you send. The only way to get opens and replies is to personalize your emails and always provide value. Here’s how you can make your emails unique and well-structured to stand out in your audience’s inbox.

If you have a large audience, a tool like lemlist can help you send personalized emails at scale and 10x your business growth 🙌

4. Maintain a good sender reputation

A good sender reputation avoids suspicion from email providers and keeps your emails away from spam. Make sure to follow email-sending best practices.

Use these tips while sending emails to avoid landing in the spam folder:

  • send between 50-200 emails per day, per sender
  • spread your sending schedule throughout the day, don’t send them all at once
  • make sure to get at least 1 reply for every 4 emails you send

Check out the Ultimate Email Deliverability Checklist for more tips to improve your deliverability so you can land your emails in your audience’s inbox. 🚀

What email warm-up service should you switch to?

Your next step is to choose a safe and reliable warm-up tool like lemwarm.

lemwarm is the most complete email warm-up tool and deliverability booster on the market that can help you achieve a high deliverability score and maintain it in the long run.

The tool is used by 10,000 people worldwide and keeps their cold emails, newsletters, and transactional emails away from spam.

Why is lemwarm the best warm-up & deliverability booster on the market?

With lemwarm, you can personalize your deliverability strategy - warm-up and deliverability booster process - based on your goals and email characteristics. This helps you build a strong email reputation and improves your deliverability score to avoid the spam folder.

The best part? It runs 100% on auto-pilot.

So, here’s how you can avoid the spam folder forever with lemwarm:

1. Keep your deliverability high with detailed reports & custom tips

You can monitor all factors impacting your email deliverability on a single dashboard. For example, if you’re on any blacklist, have a bad spam ratio, or missed your technical setup.

With custom tips for maintaining a high deliverability score, you can take quick action to continue sending your emails to your audience’s inbox.

Get detailed reporting and use the custom tips on your lemwarm dashboard to avoid the spam folder:

2. Avoid the spam folder with a custom deliverability strategy

You get a custom warm-up strategy based on the information you provide. lemwarm assigns you to a smart email cluster based on your industry and audience. This will increase your deliverability and chances of landing in the primary inbox.

Send ultra-personalized warm-up emails to boost your deliverability with this quick setup:

3. Improve sender reputation with human-like conversations

One of the biggest differences between lemwarm and other warm-up tools is that lemwarm comes with reliable and accurate warm-up emails based on users’ target audience.

The tool automatically starts conversations with 10,000+ real users with up to 25+ years of domain age and great reputation instead of talking with fake email addresses or bots. In the long run, this results in more accurate stats and a higher deliverability score for all users.

lemwarm’s warm-up emails are realistic to boost your deliverability further:

Here’s what you can do automatically with lemwarm’s smart cluster feature:

✅  sent ultra-personalized warm-up emails based on your industry and email goals

✅  get relevant replies & follow-ups on your warm-up emails that improve your sender's reputation

✅  send warm-up emails during your audience’s working hours to boost your deliverability with the smart scheduling feature

Final thoughts

If you’re sending cold emails, newsletters, or any type of email, and you’re not using a warm-up and deliverability tool, your audience might not even get your emails. With all the warm-up tools shutting down, choosing a safe and long-term solution is important for your outreach success.

10K salespeople, entrepreneurs, marketers, and ‘email senders' avoid the spam folder by keeping lemwarm ON before - during - after sending campaigns.  🚀

So, if you want to:

  1. save time and money by automating your warm-up process
  2. make sure your audience gets your emails
  3. increase your deliverability score over time
  4. get personalized deliverability tips and access FREE tips & guides

get your lemwarm account now 🔥

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