Your solution to send emails that actually get delivered

Improve and monitor your email performance, avoid spam, reach your audience's inboxes for more replies and revenue.

Poor open rates? No replies?
That might be because...

your email tech
setup is incomplete
your email copy
triggers spam filters
you send too many emails with no regularity
your email list
is not verified
you don’t monitor your email performance

Discover lemwarm
the complete deliverability tool that helps you land in the inbox


Gradually send automated emails to a premium network of 10,000 users, following safe policies, to improve your email domain reputation for higher open rates and replies.


Receive alerts on your deliverability score and detect spam risks that could impact your email campaigns, based on your sending behavior and content.

Boost deliverability

Get daily insights, expert tips on email content, sending patterns, and performance, along with detailed deliverability reports to maintain high deliverability throughout your campaigns.

More open rate, more replies, more revenue with lemwarm

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Essential Plan

/ MO
Automatic email warm-up
Technical setup check
Deliverability reports
Human warm-up emails
Warm-up network of 20K+ healthy domains

Smart Plan

/ MO
Everything in Essential Plan
Personalized warm-up emails
Warm-up your real email templates
Custom deliverability alerts & tips
Warm-up network tailored to your industry
Email content checker
coming soon

More than 10 users?

Used by top sales teams
for more replies and revenue

Build your lead list with verified emails, write and personalize at scale, and send cold emails that get actually get delivered with lemlist and lemwarm - the combo used by 20,000+ outreach experts worldwide.

    lemwarm for -29$ free with     lemlist

Send unlimited emails
AI campaign and icebreakers
Native CRM integrations
Leads’ emails in lemlist
Personalization at scale
Automated follow-ups

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why use a deliverability booster and monitoring tool?

Here's why you need to use a deliverability booster and monitoring tool:

Think of email deliverability as a shield for your emails. It makes sure your emails get delivered and reach the right people in their inboxes. When you work on your deliverability, email service providers (ESPs) will trust you and are less likely to land your emails in the spam folder.

In the long run, monitoring your deliverability is the only way to follow closely your campaigns performance. You’ll receive insights on your technical setup, email content, sending habits and overall performance and know how to improve every part of your campaign.

What does lemwarm do?

lemwarm is a warm-up and deliverability booster tool.

In simple words, lemwarm helps you send emails without them going to spam. It has one goal: to make sure your emails reach your audience.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Set-up and warm-up your email

Before you start sending emails, lemwarm helps you set up your email correctly. This means adjusting some settings like SPF, DKIM, DMARC, MX Records, and Custom Tracking Domain.

Once you turn lemwarm ON, the initial warm-up process starts. With 20,000+ domains from 150+ countries, lemwarm has the most diverse and advanced email warm-up pool on the market.  

Personalized warm-up emails will be sent to your cluster automatically. You'll also receive custom replies to these warm-up emails to make the process as natural as possible. 

Step 2: Boost your deliverability (coming soon)

After the warm-up phase, lemwarm focuses on maintaining and boosting your deliverability.

It keeps track of your sending volume, warn you if your content triggers spam-filters and keep a steady sending volume to avoid sending bad signals to email providers.

Step 3: Monitor your deliverability

With deliverability monitoring, you’ll receive daily insights about your performance, technical setup and sender reputation. 

Keeping an eye on every part of your deliverability is the best way to avoid bad surprises or blacklists.

Can I book a demo of lemwarm?

Yes! If you want to learn more about deliverability and how lemwarm helps improving it, join us for a deliverability live event every two weeks at 6PM CET.

How long should I keep lemwarm on?

The initial warm-up phase takes around 3-4 weeks. But stopping the warm-up process after this stage will make your sending pattern irregular, which can reduce your deliverability score and land emails in spam.

For long-term results, it's essential to keep your warm-up and deliverability booster tool ON before-during-after sending campaigns.

Is lemwarm safe?

Yes, lemwarm is 100% reliable and safe to use. It works on an OAuth-based system and follows all email provider rules.

Send emails that actually get delivered with lemwar...