How RightMarket reaches thousands of customers without landing in spam

Dave Shillingford, Sales Manager at RightMarket, uses lemwarm’s automated email warm-up to ensure his messaging reaches the target audience and opens new business!
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Meet RightMarket, a brand management platform for communications teams

One of the biggest challenges marketing departments face is maintaining a consistent brand identity across various locations, departments, and platforms.

RightMarket brand management platform empowers anyone in the company to create and use templates that align with the organization's brand guidelines.

"Our easy-to-use platform enables anyone, regardless of design experience, to create professional, on-brand marketing materials from brand-approved Smart templates. This ensures complete brand consistency across the entire organization while giving precious marketing hours back to the team, allowing them to focus on more strategic areas." -  Dave Shillingford, Sales Manager at RightMarket

But, in today's saturated SaaS market, getting attention from marketing and brand managers seems like a mission impossible.

So how did RightMarket get 25.500+ customers who create 30.000 designs every month? Which tactics helped Dave raise awareness about their brand's unique value?

As the mailboxes of communication teams and creative departments overflowed with promos, Dave had to do cold, hyper-personalized, multichannel outreach and ensure his emails landed out of the spam folder.

How to raise brand awareness with cold outreach without landing in spam

Like most businesses, we've consistently grown through referrals but needed a new strategy to grow to the next level. To do this, we need to tell more people that we exist. So, we started to increase how we market ourselves through outbound.

Before lemlist, RightMarket struggled with emails landing in the spam folder, so Dave's deliverability score was low.

The deliverability score measures the ability of emails to land in the primary inbox. The higher the number, the more likely emails will reach the target audience, and Dave can create new business opportunities for RightMarket.

So, if Dave wanted a high deliverability score, he should have warmed up his email address.

The email warm-up gradually increases the sending volume to build a good domain reputation. The warm-up balances email activity and ensures emails stop landing in spam by mimicking human-like activity.

Before working with the lemlist platform, warming up inboxes and doing everything possible to avoid the dreaded spam folder was not even a consideration.

However, manually sending many emails to a fixed schedule can be a pain as it requires much time and effort.

Warming up emails & keeping high deliverability at scale

Using lemwarm as part of the lemlist offering was just a no-brainer!

As a user of lemlist, an all-in-one outreach tool, Dave got free access to lemwarm.

lemwarm is an email warm-up and deliverability booster that 100% automates warm-up sending efforts!

Knowing that my inbox is warm enough to send emails through campaigns is key. Before, I didn’t even realize how warming up your cold emailing account can dramatically affect the results of outbound campaigns.

lemwarm helped RightMarket to:

→ Save time and money with an automated warm-up process (51).png

→ Gain a good sender reputation with a tailored strategy

→ Improve sender reputation with human-like conversations (56).png

→ Maintain high deliverability with detailed reporting & tips (54).png

Opening new business opportunities with a warmed-up domain

Thanks to lemlist’s integration with the lemwarm feature, as well as the educational material around, we’re at peace knowing our domain is warmed up.

Before lemwarm, RightMarket struggled with

  • Low open rate
  • Emails landing in spam folder
  • Not having enough knowledge about email deliverability

Thanks to lemwarm's automated email warm-up combined with lemlist's multichannel options, Dave managed to achieve:

→ 53+%+ open rate,

→ 12+% CTR (click-through-rate)

→ which resulted in booking 10x more meetings than before!

As for the future? Dave will continue warming up his domain to ensure his emails land out of the spam folder and his messaging gets through. And his tool of choice? 👇

With lemwarm, we see the results in real time. This reassured us that our message lands in the right place and, most importantly, reaches the target audience!
RightMarket is the brand management tool that allows anyone in the company to create and use templates that align with brand guidelines.
Cambridgeshire, UK
30 employees

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