How devlo boosted open rates by 27% with lemwarm’s DNS check

Charles Perret, CEO of devlo outreach agency, used lemwarm to spot what caused him low deliverability and get an 89% open rate!
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Meet devlo, B2B outbound experts

devlo is an outreach agency with 5+ years of experience helping companies get more leads and, ultimately, generate more revenue. devlo's strength lies in ultra-targeted lead generation and the implementation of ultra-personalized and multichannel prospecting campaigns.

We're more than just outreach consultants, we're a trusted partner who enables our clients to outsource every stage of their B2B sales prospecting to ensure their growth - devlo's CEO, Charles Perret

They are focused on helping clients get high-value customers (mostly in cybersecurity, real estate, learning and development, human resources, and sustainable development) by:

→ outsourcing every stage of their B2B sales development,
→ or training them through dedicated courses to do it themselves.

With over 900 meetings booked and more than 4,000 leads activated for their clients, devlo's success hasn't come without email deliverability challenges.

Like many lead gen agencies, they were struggling with low email open rates. This means the majority of their emails weren’t read, and they couldn’t open new business opportunities.

Low open rates without knowing the cause

All devlo customers need new customers to generate more revenue. Some have also just received funding and need to reach a target in terms of the number of sales demos to facilitate their next round of financing. And it's on devlo to ensure all emails land out of the spam folder and get red so they can secure a certain number of meetings and negotiate new contracts.

‍Before lemwarm, Charles was struggling with low open rates. He didn’t understand why the majority of his emails weren’t opened or replied to.

Lack of email deliverability expertise leds to incorrect DNS settings, a technical setup that involves:

→ SPF: Sender Policy Framework that verifies emails have been sent from your domain
DomainKeys Identified Mail that guarantees emails are not changed after they are sent
Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance that helps protect a domain from attacks, phishing emails, etc.
→ MX Records:
Mail exchange’ record that helps providers know what servers accept emails for the domain
→ Custom Tracking Domain:
Allows you to track open and click rates in your emails safely

And having an inappropriate DNS setup leads to

  • Increased risk of more emails landing in spam folder
  • High bounce rates, aka more undeliverable emails
  • Damaged domain’s email reputation
  • Limited deliverability that causes delivery failures or delays
  • Lack of visibility over email authentication failures
  • Ultimately, loss of trust as the recipients may perceive emails from inadequate DNS setup domains as doubtful.

Discovering technical setup bottlenecks with DNS check

Luckily, Charles had free access to the lemwarm deliverability booster and monitoring tool as a user of the lemlist all-in-one outreach tool.

The DNS check feature is definitely my favorite part of lemwarm. It’s so clear to understand whether or not everything is correctly set up.

lemwarm has the option to perform a quick DNS check, highlighting which part of the technical setup should be improved to boost email deliverability.

For any settings that weren’t properly configured, Charles received resources that guided him to improved setup so that the next time he performed a DNS checkup, all was “good”.

Besides helping him fix his technical setup, Charles enjoyed having all important email deliverability information about his domain at a glance on lemwarm’s dashboard.

At any moment, they can have a look at his deliverability score with useful tips for improvement, stats of warm-up emails, and similar.

Proper DNS setup = Higher open rates

lemwarm is essential for giving us peace of mind and overcoming the crucial outreach challenge of ensuring emails actually land in the primary inbox of our clients’ prospects.

Before using lemwarm, Charles's open rate was 58%, alongside a bounce rate of 8%, while it’s recommended to have open rates higher than 70% and a bounce rate lower than 5%.

After spotting what had to be fixed with lemwarm’s DNS check, he improved his technical setup, which resulted in

  • 89% open rate
  • 71% reply rate

Combination of lemlist and lemwarm allowed Charles to find numerous customers for his clients, helping them organize over 900+ sales demos and conclude deals worth between $10k and $250k!

devlo is an outreach agency that helps B2B companies get more qualified leads through an ultra-targeted and personalized approach.
Lausanne, Switzerland
Sales Outreach Services
15 employees

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