Allegrow Review - Email Warm-Up Tool Examined

April 4, 2024
7 min.

Sales outreach emails have an average open rate of just 23.9%.

One of the reasons it’s so low is because senders have poor sender reputations in the eyes of internet service providers.

Several tools can help you improve your sender reputation.

One such email deliverability tool is Allegrow, and in this review, we’ll discuss its features, pricing pros and cons, and more.

Allegrow Features 🕵️

  • 👉 Email warm-up: Part of Allegrow’s deliverability system is email warm-up. Allegrow gradually increases sending volume and frequency to build up your sender reputation.
  • 👉 Works directly inside your cold email tool: Unlike other warm-up services, Allegrow integrates directly into the tool you use to send emails. However, it can only be used with five tools: Google Workspace, Office 365, Salesloft, Outreach and Close. If you don’t use any of these, you won’t be able to use Allegrow.
  • 👉 Safety net: Runs a risk analysis on every scheduled email straight from your sending tool.
  • 👉 Reputation score: Allegrow keeps check on your reputation score
  • 👉 Spam rate analysis: The percentage of your emails landing in spam for your domain, individual email addresses, and variations of content you send.
  • 👉 Positive interactions with your warm-up emails: Allegrow positively interacts with your warm-up emails, signaling to ESPs that your emails are important.
  • 👉 DNS record check: Allegrow checks if your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC are valid.
  • 👉 Inbox placement data: Reports on where your emails are landing.
  • 👉 Deliverability Leaderboard: Deliverability gamified. Ranks every sender in your company from the highest to lowest spam rate.
  • 👉 Real inboxes for warm-up recipients: Unlike some warm-up services, Allegrow doesn’t use fake accounts for email warm-up.

Allegrow Pricing 💵

If there’s something mysterious about Allegrow, it is its pricing.

You can get their Audit plan for free, but it’s limited to monitoring your deliverability and does not actually improve it.

To find out about Allegrow’s pricing for their Premium and Scale Plus plans, you have to contact Allegrow.

If that’s too much mystery for you, here’s a hint:

According to Revpilots, Allegrow’s Premium plan costs $72/month* per user, and half of that when paid annually. *Keep in mind that this information could be dated.

There’s no pricing information for the Scale Plus plan.

Allegrow Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

  • Integration: use it straight from within (some) email service providers
  • Safety net feature to catch spammy emails before you send them
  • Spam score ranking of individual email accounts

❌ Cons

  • No transparent pricing, which hints at expensive plans
  • ESP Integration limited to five tools only
  • DNS check feature only for SPF, DKIM, DMARC

What Customers Say About Allegrow 🗣️

G2 - 4.9/5 (44 reviews)

Allegrow has many favorable reviews.

Some customers praise Allegrow for its ability to increase sender reputation.

💡It’s important to know that sender reputation is assigned to you by internet service providers, and there’s no publicly available reputation score. If email deliverability tools assign you a score, it doesn’t necessarily correspond to what ISPs think of you as an email sender.

Other customers have given positive feedback on Allegrow’s support and onboarding experience:

In terms of criticism, some customers have mentioned that Allegrow isn’t a finished product:

Others have mentioned that adding more inboxes to Allegrow can be challenging:

And that the initial setup can take a while:

Allegrow vs lemwarm 🆚

Allegrow is a good tool for email deliverability, but there’s competition.

lemwarm has many of the same features but is potentially much cheaper.

Originally an email warm-up service, lemwarm is now transitioning into a complete email deliverability tool.

When it comes to email warm-up, lemwarm has more advanced features like warming up your own templates and a network of inboxes to send to that are closely related to your niche.

Additionally, it integrates perfectly into one of the best cold email tools around, lemlist.

For more information on how lemwarm and Allegrow stack up, here’s a comparison table:

  Allegrow lemwarm
Automatic email warm-up
Deliverability/reputation score
Email sending tool integration for 5 tools but no lemlist lemlist only
Reporting dashboard
Technical setup check SPF, DKIM, DMARC only SPF, DKIM, DMARC, MX, and custom tracking domain
Email Safety Net
Warm-up network tailored to your industry
Pricing of best plan unclear $49/month per user

Final Verdict 🕵️

Allegrow is a capable email deliverability tool.

The fact that it integrates into email sending tools is a plus but you’re still dealing with different services from different companies. Which could cause issues down the line.

With lemwarm and its seamless integration into lemlist, you avoid this problem.

But whatever email deliverability tool you choose, the most important thing is not to neglect your deliverability. It could make a massive difference for your ROI and bottom line.


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