Warmy.io Review - Features, Pros & Cons, and Pricing

In 2023, more than 45% of all emails worldwide were marked as spam, including a fair share of legitimate marketing emails.

To prevent your outreach emails from being marked as spam, it’s necessary to warm up your email.

Warming up an email involves gradually increasing sending volume and frequency and getting engagement for your warm-up emails.

Since warming up your email manually is nearly impossible, you can use one of the many email warm-up services, like Warmy.io.

In this Warmy.io review, we'll examine Warmy and its features to determine whether it's the right email warm-up solution for your needs.

Warmy.io Features

  • 👉 Send up to 5000 warm-up emails per day: With Warmy’s Platinum plan, you can send 5000 daily warm-up emails.
  • 👉 DNS record test: Validate your DNS records, like SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and more.
  • 👉 Inbox placement test: Lets you know if your email will land in the inbox.
  • 👉 Warm up your templates: By warming up your email with your templates, your warm-up emails will be relevant to your actual outreach emails. Additionally, they give you an indication of how your outreach emails will perform.
  • 👉 Choose a warm-up topic: If you’re not going to use your own templates, then you can choose the topic of your warm-up emails. By using a topic relevant to your niche, you can get benefits similar to those of warming up your own templates.
  • 👉 Choose warm-up language: If English isn’t the language you’ll use in your outreach, warming up your email in English makes no sense. Warmy allows you to choose from over 30 languages to use in your warm-up emails.
  • 👉 Deliverability consultant: A dedicated expert from Warmy will help you improve your deliverability.
  • 👉 Slow, medium, and fast warm-up: Choose between these three speeds for email warm-up. Slow is best.

Warmy.io Pricing 💵

Warmy offers five different plans.

Its cheapest plan, the Starter plan, costs $49/month.

On the other end of the pricing spectrum, Warmy’s Platinum plan costs no less than $429/month.

You'll get two months for free on any plan if you pay yearly.

The plans primarily differ in how many warm-up emails you can send daily.

However, it's important to note that Warmy's Starter and Business plans do not offer the more advanced warm-up features.

These features include adding your own template to warm up and choosing your warm-up topic.

Even choosing the warm-up language feature isn’t available on the Starter plan.

This lack of advanced features in Warmy’s cheaper plans means you’ll either have to choose a much more expensive plan or look for alternatives.

Warmy.io Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

👍 Advanced warm-up features

👍 7-day free trial

👍 Choose between 5 different plans

❌ Cons

👎 Initial setup can take some time

👎 Advanced warm-up features only available on higher-priced plans

👎 Expensive high-volume plans

What Customers Say About Warmy.io 🗣️

G2 - 4.8/5 (47 reviews)

Capterra - 4.9/5 (10 reviews)

Overall, Warmy has received favorable reviews.

Customers have commented that Warmy works as advertised:

Others have praised Warmy’s customer service:

Negative Warmy reviews are few and far between.

One customer said that Warmy is overpriced and that support has no interest in their customers.

Warmy.io vs lemwarm Comparison 🆚

Warmy’s best alternative is lemwarm.

lemwarm comes from a company of email outreach specialists and is also the team behind cold outreach tool lemlist.

Warmy and lemwarm have very similar features, except that with lemwarm you can get these features for a much lower price.

Here’s a table that compares Warmy to lemwarm:

Automatic email warm-up
Deliverability score
Reporting dashboard
Technical setup check
Warm up your real templates
(from $189/month)
(from $49/month)
Choose topic of warm-up emails
Warm-up network tailored to your niche
Custom deliverability alerts & tips

Final Verdict 🧑‍⚖️

Warmy is a promising email tool however its pricing is a bit of a letdown.

If the pricing is a barrier for you, lemwarm is a great alternative that offers mostly the same features for a better price.

But whatever platform you choose, make sure to warm up your email anyway.

Without it, many of your emails will land in spam, and your ROI will suffer.

It takes 3 minutes to avoid spam forever

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