Warm Up Your Email by Mailshake - 2024 Review

April 8, 2024
7 min.

Mailshake is a respectable email outreach tool. But many people don’t know that it also provides a separate warm-up service called Warm Up Your Email.

An email warm-up service can help you avoid the spam folder and thus increase the ROI for your email outreach.

Some warm-up services, though, can do more harm than good to your deliverability, which is why we review many of them here on the lemwarm blog.

Here’s our review on Warm Up Your Email by Mailshake.

Warm Up Your Email Features 🕵️

  • 👉 Real team of people interacting with your warm-up emails: While most warm-up services use AI for email warm-up. WUYE claims to use real people to engage with your network. The drawback to this approach is that all plans have limited daily warm-up emails.
  • 👉 Opens your emails: The WUYE team opens your emails manually.
  • 👉 Replies to a percentage of your emails: You set the percentage of emails you want to get replies to. The recommended setting is 30-35%.
  • 👉 Removes your emails from spam: Should any of your warm-up emails land in the spam folder, the WUYE team will move them to the inbox.
  • 👉 Reports on where your warm-up emails land: Find out how many of your emails land in spam vs. the inbox.
  • 👉 24/7 Support through email

Warm Up Your Email Pricing 💵

WUYE’s pricing is straightforward:

  • ➡️ The Sole Sender plan allows one email account to be warmed up and a maximum of 50 positive engagements per day. It costs $29/month.
  • ➡️ With the Pro Sender plan you can have 3 email accounts and a maximum of 50 positive engagements daily. Cost: $49/month.
  • ➡️ Finally, the Agency Sender plan allows for 8 email accounts and 100 positive engagements.

The number of positive engagements is low, but this is because they are manual positive engagements claimed to be executed by real people.

Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Claims real human interactions with your warm-up emails
  • Affordable pricing

❌ Cons

  • Gives off the impression of a somewhat abandoned product
  • Replies are sent as separate messages, not in the same thread
  • Limited amount of daily warm-up emails.

What Customers Say About Warm Up Your Email

G2 - 4.5/5 (2 reviews)

Product Hunt - 1.8/5 (9 reviews)

WUYE has mixed reviews.

Some customers have praised WUYE for its ability to keep your emails out of the spam or promotions folders.

Warm Up Your Email has even been called a tool that every email marketer should use:

However, despite the positive reviews, there’s also been plenty of negative feedback on WUYE.

Some customer claimed that after using WUYE more of their email actually started to land in spam:

Several other customers have complained about WUYE’s potential lack of effectiveness.

This is one of the reasons why we noted that WUYE has an abandoned feel to it. For the Mailshake team their primary app (Mailshake) seems to be their sole focus right now.

Warm Up Your Email vs lemwarm 🆚

If what we mentioned above gave you doubt about the future of WUYE, then you could consider alternatives.

lemwarm, created by a team of email outreach experts, has a better reputation than WUYE.

Additionally, it’s a more advanced warm-up tool. You can even warm up your own templates and send warm-up emails to a network of inboxes tailored to your industry.

You can compare WUYE to lemwarm in the table below:

Features Warm Up Your Email lemwarm
Automatic email warm-up
Reporting dashboard
Claimed human warm-up interactions
Personalized warm-up emails
Warm up your templates
Network of inboxes tailored to your niche
Technical setup check

Final Verdict 🧑‍⚖️

Warm Up Your Email could work as a basic warm-up tool.

However, it does feel a bit like an abandoned product.

Additionally, it lacks the advanced warm-up features that a tool like lemwarm offers.

At $49/month for its best plan, lemwarm offers an affordable and potentially superior alternative to WUYE.


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