Folderly Review 2024 - Pros, Cons, Ratings

When looking to increase your email deliverability, Folderly is one of the options available.

Folderly claims that its AI-backed features and deliverability recommendations can help you get 99.9% inbox placement.

In our Folderly review, we’ll take a look at Folderly and see if it lives up to the hype.

What is Folderly? ⁉️

Folderly is email deliverability software. Its main aim is that more of your emails get opened and read.

If you’re doing email outreach, you want to have as high an open rate as possible, as the open rate directly influences your ROI.

If emails get lost in spam folders, or worse, not delivered at all, your ROI will suffer.

Folderly can help increase your open rate.

Folderly’s Key Features 🗝️

  • ➡️ AI Email Deliverability Analysis and Optimization: Folderly’s AI analyzes email deliverability results and tracks what factors increase or decrease deliverability.
  • ➡️ Customized Recommendations: Based on the results of the analysis, Folderly gives you personalized recommendations for your technical setup, the content of your emails, and your email service provider.
  • ➡️ Email Audit: Folderly can provide a deliverability assessment of your emails and domains. It evaluates authentication practices, sending protocols, engagement levels, and potential barriers to optimal email deliverability.

Folderly’s Premium Features ⚡

  • ➡️ Reporting on where your emails land and inbox placement analysis for various email providers. Folderly can track whether the email lands in the inbox or if it gets filtered into folders like spam or promotions. Folderly also reports on the percentage of emails that landed in spam vs the inbox.
  • ➡️ Information on your sender score, domain health, IP information, and WHOIS. Folderly reports on your sender score and reputation with major email providers and helps identify issues with sending IPs that send your emails.
  • ➡️ Real-time DNS status updates for SPF, DMARC, DKIM, and BIMI records. Folderly gives you the lowdown on your technical setup.
  • ➡️ Stay in the know of the most popular blacklists and spam filters. Get removal tips in case you’re on a blacklist.

Folderly Pricing 💵

Folderly costs $120/month per mailbox for 1-9 mailboxes. Paying yearly can save you 20%.

If you need more than 9 mailboxes, additional discounts apply.

For example, if you need 10 to 24 mailboxes, you’ll pay $90/month per mailbox.

Folderly Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

  • 👍 Customized recommendations for your email outreach
  • 👍 Good customer support
  • 👍 Real-time monitoring of your technical setup


  • 👎 Expensive: At $120/month, Folderly is considerably more expensive than its competitors
  • 👎 Learning curve: With its many (technical) features, Folderly can take a while to get used to
  • 👎 User interface is not very intuitive

What Customers Say About Folderly 🗣️

Folderly has mostly positive reviews.

Customers talk of how Folderly has increased their deliverability considerably.

However, there’s also some negative sentiment regarding Folderly.

Some people have complained about its steep price and learning curve.

More concerning, a couple of customers have published horror stories of how Folderly erroneously sent out thousands of emails overnight, ruining their sender's reputation.

Folderly Ratings

G2 - 4.8/5 (96 reviews)

Capterra 4.9/5 (40 reviews)

Alternatives to Folderly

One of the best alternatives to Folderly is lemwarm.

With lemwarm, you can monitor your technical setup, spam rates, and deliverability score in one place.

Additionally, lemwarm gives you personalized tips and deliverability reports that identify potential issues before they can negatively impact your email campaigns.

Conclusion 🔚

Folderly is a good email deliverability suite. Its many features could help you get your emails delivered in your audience's inbox.

However, its price and learning curve may make you consider alternatives.

lemwarm costs you $70/month less than Folderly, shares many of its features, and is easier to use.

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