Folderly Review 2024 - Pros, Cons, Ratings

May 17, 2024
7 min.

Email outreach is not just about sending emails.

If your deliverability tanks, not many of your emails will actually land in the inbox.

That’s why, for any email marketing, you need an email deliverability tool working tirelessly behind the scenes to get those emails into your audience’s inbox.

Folderly is one such deliverability tool.

In our Folderly review, we explain what Folderly is and examine its pros and cons.

What is Folderly? ⁉️

Folderly is an email deliverability ecosystem with different components that aim to boost your email deliverability.

If you’re doing email outreach, you want to have as high an open rate as possible, as the open rate directly influences your ROI.

If emails get lost in spam folders, or worse, not delivered at all, your ROI will suffer.

Folderly can help increase your open rate.

Folderly’s Key Features 🗝️

Folderly’s deliverability ecosystem consists of two separate products, with a third coming soon. This means there’s separate billing for these products.

Folderly’s main app (Folderly)

  • ➡️ Email placement tracking: Helps you track where your emails land.
  • ➡️ Spam triggers: Having your emails land in spam is one thing; knowing why is another. Folderly gives you the reason why your emails land in spam.
  • ➡️ Folderly’s AI: Keeps track of what factors increase or decrease your deliverability so you can make adjustments accordingly and improve your inbox placement.

Inbox Insights

  • ➡️ Email placement reports: Where do your emails land for major email service providers?
  • ➡️ IP insights: Sender score and blacklist information of your sending IP.
  • ➡️ Domain health monitor: Technical setup check and guides on how to fix potential issues.

Folderly Pricing 💵

Investing in Folderly can get a bit expensive because the billing for its products is separate.

Folderly’s main app pricing

Folderly costs $120/month per mailbox for 1-9 mailboxes. Paying yearly can save you 20%.

If you need more than 9 mailboxes, additional discounts apply.

For example, if you need 10 to 24 mailboxes, you’ll pay $90/month per mailbox.

Inbox Insights pricing

Inbox Insights costs $79/month or $64/month when paid annually.

A paid Inbox Insights subscription gives you unlimited tests.

Folderly Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

  • 👍 Customized recommendations for your email outreach
  • 👍 Know where your emails land and why
  • 👍 Goes beyond email warm-up

❌ Cons

  • 👎 Expensive: Folderly can get expensive with separate billing for its multiple products
  • 👎 Learning curve: With its many (technical) features, Folderly can take a while to get used to
  • 👎 Occasional bugs and glitches

What Customers Say About Folderly 🗣️

Folderly has mostly positive reviews.

Customers talk of how Folderly has increased their deliverability considerably.

However, there’s also some negative sentiment regarding Folderly.

Some people have complained about its steep price and learning curve.

More concerning, a couple of customers have published horror stories of how Folderly erroneously sent out thousands of emails overnight, ruining their sender's reputation.

Folderly Ratings

G2 - 4.8/5 (96 reviews)

Capterra 4.8/5 (40 reviews)

Alternatives to Folderly

One of the best alternatives to Folderly is lemwarm.

With lemwarm, you can monitor your technical setup, spam rates, and deliverability score in one place.

Additionally, lemwarm gives you personalized tips and deliverability reports that identify potential issues before they can negatively impact your email campaigns.

Conclusion 🔚

Folderly is a good email deliverability suite. Its many features could help you get your emails delivered in your audience's inbox.

However, its price and learning curve may make you consider alternatives.

lemwarm costs you $70/month less than Folderly, shares many of its features, and is easier to use.


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