Mailreach Review 2024 - Email Warm-up Tool Put to the Test

March 25, 2024
7 min.

If you want your emails to land in your audience’s inbox, warming up your email is essential.

Email warm-up involves gradually increasing sending volume and frequency while also getting engagement for your emails.

The goal of the warm-up process is to improve your sender reputation and avoid the spam folder.

Warming up your email manually is nearly impossible; that’s why email warm-up services exist.

One such service is Mailreach, and in our Mailreach review, we’ll examine its features, pros and cons, and alternatives.

Mailreach Features

  • 👉 Gradual email warm-up: One of the most obvious signs of a spammer is sending hundreds of daily emails with a new domain that lacks a sender reputation. Mailreach aims to prevent this problem by gradually increasing your sending volume and frequency.
  • 👉 Network of 20,000 real human inboxes: High-reputation interactions with your email address/domain. This includes: opens, positive replies, stars and moving your email from spam to the inbox.
  • 👉 Warm up for multiple providers: compatible with any inbox or provider, Gmail, Outlook, Mailgun, etc., and Custom SMTP.
  • 👉 Smart Warming Algorithm: Mailreach uses machine learning to optimize the warm-up process.
  • 👉 Spam Checker: Analyze your emails for spammy content like certain words or phrases.
  • 👉 Email reputation monitoring: Track your sender reputation and adjust outreach strategy or technical setup when necessary.
  • 👉 Reporting Dashboard: See where your emails land on the major email providers and how many were marked as spam. Also, get info on whether your DNS records are correctly configured.

Mailreach Pricing 💵

Mailreach offers two plans: the Starter and the Scale plan.

  • ➡️ The Starter plan lets you warm up between 1 and 5 email accounts. Cost: $25 per email account per month.
  • ➡️ The Scale plan allows for 6 or more email accounts to warm up. Cost: $19.50 per email account per month. The more email accounts you need to warm up, the cheaper it gets. For example, if you need to warm up more than 50 email accounts, it’ll cost you $16 per email account.

Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

  • Fully automated email warm up: Mailreach runs on autopilot once set up.
  • User-friendly interface: Simple and straightforward interface that doesn’t make email warm-up more complicated than it really is.
  • No technical skills required: Mailreach automates the process for you, handling all aspects of the warm-up process behind the scenes.

❌ Cons

  • Additional Spam Checker credits are not free: You get 20 credits, but once they’re up, you must purchase more.
  • Slow User Interface: Mailreach’s user interface sometimes suffers slow loading times.
  • No custom templates: With some email warm-up services, you can warm up your own email templates. Warming up your real templates keeps the style of your email content more consistent, which helps build trust with email service providers.

What Customers Say About Mailreach 🗣️

G2 - 4.7/5 (34 reviews)

Capterra 5/5 (16 reviews)

While Mailreach does not have many reviews, the ones that it does have are overwhelmingly positive.

Despite its positive reviews, Mailreach also has received some negative feedback:

Mailreach Alternative

lemwarm is an email warm-up tool created by a company of cold email outreach experts.

We think lemwarm is the best Mailreach alternative; here’s why:

  • lemwarm offers everything Mailreach has to offer, plus:
  • ➡️ Customized warm-up strategy based on your audience
  • ➡️ Warm up your own email templates for superior inbox placement
  • ➡️ Integration with lemlist. lemlist is an AI-powered cold email outreach tool that allows users to send personalized cold emails at scale.

Final Verdict 🧑‍⚖️

Mailreach has all the features a basic email warm-up tool should have.

If you need generic email warm up, Mailreach could be a good choice.

However, we recommend lemwarm if you want a warm-up strategy that’s more customized to your audience and outreach strategy.


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