Warmbox Review 2024 - Pros, Cons, Ratings

March 25, 2024
7 min.

Email warm up is essential for better ROI for your email outreach.

Warmbox is an email warm-up service designed to increase your sender reputation and, thus, your open rates.

In this Warmbox review, we'll look at Warmbox and its features and find out how it compares to other email warming services on the market.

What Is Warmbox?

Warmbox can help you optimize the email deliverability, and thus open rate, for new sending domains.

It does this through a method called email warm-up.

Email warm-up involves gradually increasing sending volume and frequency to build up your sender reputation and avoid the spam folder.

The service helps reduce the risk of your sending domain being looked at suspiciously by email providers due to its newness.

Once your email is warmed up, you can start your email outreach, enjoying superior open rates.

💡Since a warm-up service works tirelessly behind the scenes to improve and protect your sender reputation, and some of your outreach emails could get marked as spam, it should always be left turned on, even after starting your outreach.

Warmbox Features

  • 👉 AI-generated warm-up emails (GPT-4): Warmbox sends humanlike AI-generated warm-up emails and engages with them just as your prospect would.
  • 👉 Spam score monitoring: Warmbox keeps track of your spam score, which allows you to adjust your emails' content or overall outreach strategy to avoid the spam folder.
  • 👉 Network of 35000+ real email addresses: Your warm-up emails are not sent to fake accounts that would only hurt your deliverability.
  • 👉Customizable warm-up options: Warmbox offers warm-up flexibility based on criteria like your target audience, email volume, and sender reputation.
  • 👉Warm-up analytics and reporting: Allows you to monitor your deliverability, reply rates, spam score, and warm-up schedule.
  • 👉Technical setup monitoring: Runs DNS checks to see if your domain authentication records (SPF, DKIM, DMARC) are set up and functioning properly.
  • 👉Blacklist checker: Lets you know if your domain is on a spam blacklist.
  • 👉Live chat support: Many email warm-up services have decent support, but live chat support is something you don’t often see.

Warmbox Pricing 💵

Warmbox plans start at $15/month and could potentially go up to $159/month or more.

Solo plan

  • ➡️ $19/month. $15/month when paid annually.
  • ➡️ 1 inbox to warm up
  • ➡️ 50 warm-up emails/day
  • ➡️ 1 member

Start-up plan

  • ➡️ $79/month. $69/month when paid annually.
  • ➡️ 3 inboxes to warm up
  • ➡️ 250 warm-up emails/day
  • ➡️ 3 team members

Growth plan

  • ➡️ $159/month. $139/month when paid annually.
  • ➡️ 6 inboxes to warm up
  • ➡️ 500 warm-up emails/day
  • ➡️ 6 team members

Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

  • 👍 Affordable basic plan
  • 👍 Connect your inbox quickly and easily
  • 👍 Chat support

❌ Cons

  • 👎 Expensive for teams with multiple members
  • 👎 Complicated plan structure
  • 👎 Terrible English used on Warmbox’s website doesn’t instill trust

What Customers Say About Warmbox 🗣️

Product Hunt  - 4.4/5 (41 reviews)

Warmbox doesn’t have many reviews, but most are positive.

As with any tool, some customers have had negative experiences with it.

Folks have complained about Warmbox not bringing the promised results.

Warmbox Alternative

The best Warmbox alternative is lemwarm.

With lemwarm, you can warm up your real email templates and it integrates perfectly with email outreach sending tool lemlist.

In fact, lemwarm’s essential plan is free with lemlist’s Email Pro plans and above.

lemwarm comes from a company of email outreach experts. They’re not just concerned with deliverability but also with actual outreach strategy.

Final Verdict ⚡

Warmbox is an interesting option for email warm-up, especially because its cheapest plan starts at $15/month.

But if you’re looking for a more elaborate email warm up, like warming up your own templates, and a solution more geared toward professional email outreach….

Then, lemwarm is probably a better alternative. lemwarm’s plans start at $29/month. If you pay yearly, you’ll get two months for free.


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