Warmup Inbox Review 2024: Features, Pros and Cons, Ratings

If you have a new email or sending domain or have had poor open rates…

Then, you must warm up your email.

Warmup inbox is a tool that aims to raise your sender reputation and have your emails land in your audience’s inbox.

In this Warmup Inbox review, we’ll examine its features, pros and cons, and what customers say about this email warm-up tool.

Warmup Inbox Features 🕵️

  • 👉 30000+ real inboxes for email warm-up: Warmup Inbox doesn’t use fake email accounts, unlike some warm-up services.
  • 👉 Blacklist monitoring: Warmup Inbox checks popular blacklists against your domain and lets you know if there’s a match. This blacklist monitoring allows you to take necessary action to ensure your email deliverability.
  • 👉 Sender Reputation monitoring: Monitor your sender reputation and adjust your strategy where necessary to ensure optimal inbox placement.
  • 👉 Human-like AI-generated warm-up emails: AI simulates human-to-human email correspondence.
  • 👉 Custom warm-up topics: Choose specific topics that align with your industry. This ensures your warm-up emails are relevant to your actual audience. Only available in Pro and Max plans
  • 👉 Warm up your own templates: Maintains consistency in your email content and builds trust with ESPs. Only available in Pro and Max plans and above.
  • 👉 Email Analytics: See how your warm-up emails perform. How many of them go to the spam folder?

Warmup Inbox Pricing 💵

Warmup Inbox offers three distinct plans.

  • ➡️ The Basic plan costs $19/month per mailbox and allows for 75 warm-up emails a day.
  • ➡️ The Pro plan ($59/month per mailbox) offers everything that Basic does plus:
    • Custom warm-up settings, including topics for your warm-up emails
    • More replies to your emails
    • Warming up for your own templates + custom stats on their performance
  • ➡️ The Max plan is Warmup Inbox’s most expensive plan at $99/month per mailbox. It has all the features of the cheaper plans, plus:
    • Premium customer support
    • Replies to 65% of your warm-up emails
    • Technical setup check (DNS records, etc.)
    • Early access to new features

By paying yearly instead of monthly, you get a 20% discount.

Pros and Cons


  • 👍 7-day free trial
  • 👍 Warm up your own templates
  • 👍 Good support


  • 👎 No DNS checker except in the most expensive plan
  • 👎 No warm up for specific ESPs in the Basic plan
  • 👎 Can get pricey if you need to warm up several emails or domains

What Customers Say About Warmup Inbox

G2 4.7/5 (35 reviews)

Capterra 4.6/5 (11 reviews)

Even though Warmup Inbox doesn’t have many reviews, most of them are positive. People have commented on how Warmup Inbox has helped them improve their sender reputation:

Others have mentioned how Warmup Inbox saved their Black Friday campaign:

As with any app or service, some people have had negative experiences with Warmup Inbox.

Here’s someone who’s fed up with the constant price increases implemented by Warmup Inbox:

People have also commented on how Warmup Inbox sends your warm-up emails to private domains they own, supposedly rendering your warm-up emails useless:

Warmup Inbox Alternative

A great Warmup Inbox alternative is lemwarm.

lemwarm comes from a company of cold email outreach experts and offers everything that Warmup Inbox does and more:

  • 👉 lemwarm can warm up multiple email addresses or domains from a single dashboard
  • 👉 It integrates perfectly with the cold email outreach tool lemlist. In fact, with some lemlist plans, you’ll get lemwarm essential for free.
  • 👉 lemwarm scales cheaper for larger senders
  • 👉 Access to guides and masterclasses by email outreach experts

Final Verdict 🧑‍⚖️

Warmup Inbox is a capable email warm-up service.

For basic warmup of generic accounts, Warmup Inbox should be a good choice.

However, for professional sales outreach, lemwarm is the superior option. Its customized warm-up strategies go further than Warmup Inbox’s.

Additionally, lemwarm’s tight integration with lemlist creates a fully automated cold email sales platform.

Warmup Inbox is adequate for simple warm-up, but if you want to maximize your open rates and ROI, we recommend you check out lemwarm first.

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