lemwarm Review - Avoid the Spam Folder With Email Warm-Up (2024)

May 27, 2024
7 min.

Are your emails landing in spam?

It could be a result of not properly warming up your email.

Sending out too many emails too early may flag spam filters, keeping your emails out of your audience’s precious inbox.

And without access to your prospect’s inbox, you will lose money.

The solution is to warm up your email before you start using it.

Fortunately, there are services that will warm up your email for you, like lemwarm.

In this review, we’ll take a look at lemwarm and we'll discuss its features and pros and cons

Let's get started.

What lemwarm Can Do For You

The number one problem in any email marketing is emails landing in spam.

Whether you're doing cold email outreach or running a newsletter, your work will be for nothing if your emails don't reach the inbox.

An essential part of ensuring your emails get delivered is email (or domain) warm-up.

lemwarm easily warms up your email, so that your emails get delivered safely and your audience actually gets to read them.

The best part?

lemwarm can automate this entire process for you. This means that while you concentrate on other crucial tasks, lemwarm works behind the scenes to prevent your emails from landing in spam.

lemwarm Pros and Cons


  • Huge time-saver as opposed to manually warming up an email
  • Easy to use: simple setup - intuitive dashboard
  • Warm-up strategy tailored to your audience
  • Simulates authentic email correspondence from real people's accounts
  • No uncertainty about warm-up metrics due to real-time monitoring and insights


  • Essential plan doesn't give you access to advanced features
  • No reports for custom time frames
  • (any) Email warm-up process takes 3-5 weeks

Exploring lemwarm

Progressive Warm Up

Have a new email address (or sending domain)?

You can't just start sending 100 emails a day with it.

Your sender reputation isn't ready for that yet!

If you start sending that many emails so seemingly out of the blue, many of them will get marked as spam and your domain may get added to a blacklist.

Instead, your email needs to be warmed up by gradually increasing the volume and frequency of your emails.

This may mean sending as few as five emails on the first day and gradually increasing the number in subsequent days.

But it's not just about sending emails…

You also need to ensure that your recipients are engaging with them. In other words, you need to get some replies!

All this helps to establish a good sender reputation, but doing it manually is a lot of work.

That's why warm-up services like lemwarm exist.

Real email accounts

Many email warm-up services use fake accounts to warm up your email. These services do more harm than good for your deliverability.

But this is where lemwarm shines. It utilizes a network of real people with verified email addresses.

With lemwarm, your warm-up emails interact with real people’s accounts, effectively signaling to email providers that you are a trustworthy sender.

Threaded emails

Some warm-up services send replies as separate emails. However, these emails don’t even look like natural replies, so it’s doubtful they’re useful for email warm-up.

lemwarm takes a different approach. Its email conversations have their own threads, just like normal email correspondence.

This simulates a natural sending pattern and enhances the warm-up process, making your emails less likely to land in spam.

lemwarm warm up email

The Dashboard

Want to know if your warm-up strategy is on its way to keeping your emails out of spam?

If so, then lemwarm’s dashboard is your bet friend.

It tells you your deliverability score and lets you know when you’re ready to start your outreach.

On the dashboard, you can also find how many warm-up emails have been sent and how many have been saved from the spam folder.

Additionally, lemwarm lets you know if your domain is on any spam blacklist. A spam blacklist is a list of domains or IP addresses suspected of sending spam emails.

lemwarm deliverability score

There are two essential graphs on lemwarm’s dashboard.

The first graph tells you where your cold emails are landing:

And the second graph lets you know where your replies are landing:

Why a separate graph for replies, you might ask?

Replies indicate engagement. If they’re classified as spam then there is NO engagement. Or, worse, they could actually hurt your email deliverability and make it more likely that you land in spam.

Smart Clusters

Many warm-up services send generic nonsensical emails (as if email providers were stupid!?). lemwarm is different.

lemwarm lets you set up a smart cluster that tailors your warm-up emails to your target audience.

Your warm-up emails will be similar to your actual outreach emails. You can even warm up your real email templates!

You can also pick your industry so that even your warm-up audience is similar to your target audience.

This level of personalization ensures warm-up relevancy. It's the perfect predecessor to email outreach with high open rates.

DNS Checks

Whether you’re doing cold email outreach or any other email marketing…

If you’re going to send out many emails, you need to take care of your technical setup first.

Without it, all of your warm-up efforts will be in vain.

The technical setup consists of:

lemwarm’s DNS Checks tell you if you’ve configured everything correctly.

lemwarm's DNS Checks feature

If you haven’t, don’t worry. Completing your technical setup is not hard, and lemwarm offers easy-to-follow documentation.

You’ll have your setup ready in no time!

lemwarm Pricing

Essential Plan

Smart Plan

With lemlist

To get started with automatic email warm-up and improve your deliverability score

lemwarm’s best plan to avoid spam and reach more inboxes

Free Essential Plan with a lemlist Pro subscription. lemlist is a powerful multi-channel email outreach tool.

✅ Automatic email warm-up

Everything in Essential, plus:

✅ Conditional personalization for your emails

✅ Generic warm-up emails

✅ Personalized warm-up strategy

✅ AI-powered leads database of 450 million+ contacts

✅ Deliverability reports

✅ Warm up network tailored to your industry

✅ Integrated LinkedIn outreach

✅ Technical setup check

✅ Custom deliverability reports

✅ AI-generated Icebreakers

✅ Custom deliverability reports

✅ Warm-up your own email templates

✅ Inbox rotation


✅ Custom deliverability alerts & tips

✅ Email finder + verifier



Free (with lemlist Pro plan)

lemwarm pricing

The yearly plans give you 2 months for free. ⬇️

lemwarm annual pricing

What Customers Say

✅ lemwarm Praise

lemwarm has mostly positive reviews.

In fact, lemwarm has won a Reddit poll on what's the best email warm-up service:

best email warm-up service poll

Other folks have praised lemwarm's ability to keep emails out of the spam folder:

lemwarm testimonials

❌ lemwarm Criticism

As with any app, some people will have negative experiences no matter how good the app is. A few people have complained about lemwarm's pricing structure and lack of advanced features in the Essential plan.

Conclusion: lemwarm Beats the Spam Folder

Landing in spam could cost you money.

An effective solution to this problem is warming up your email.

lemwarm is a hands-off warm-up service that, once set up, operates seamlessly without requiring any ongoing maintenance.

With its advanced features, lemwarm can beat the spam folder and help you reach your audience’s inbox.


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