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lemwarm VS Inboxally - Which deliverability tool is better?

June 13, 2024
7 min.

The success of your outreach starts with getting your emails opened.

If your recipients don’t even read your emails, how will you convert them?

To actually get eyeballs on your emails, you must take care of your deliverability.

Email deliverability boosters can help you improve deliverability and avoid spam folders.

In this post, we pit two deliverability boosters against each other: lemwarm and Inboxally.

Let’s get started.

lemwarm VS Inboxally comparison table 🆚

Take a look at how both tools’ features compare:

Feature lemwarm Inboxally
Automatic email warm-up
Technical setup check
Blacklist monitoring
Warm-up network tailored to your niche
Scrolling action on warm-up emails
Custom deliverability alerts & tips
Use your own templates for warm-up
Deliverability score

lemwarm key features 🔑

  • Send warm-up emails to relevant email accounts: Instead of just sending warm-up emails to any email, lemwarm sends them to email accounts relevant to your industry.
  • Deliverability score alerts: lemwarm keeps track of your deliverability score, and should any issues arise, it will notify you immediately.
  • Potentially free: lemwarm is free with a lemlist Pro subscription. lemlist is a multichannel outreach tool that offers scalable personalization and advanced campaign conditions.

Inboxally key features 🗝️

  • Scrolling action on emails: This feature can increase your emails' engagement. However, Google has changed some of its workings which renders the future of this feature uncertain, at least for emails using the Gmail interface.
  • Clicks on links in your warm-up emails: Another feature that can increase your engagement and, thus, your deliverability.
  • Select a preset engagement profile: Select a warm-up profile that best fits your goals.

lemwarm pricing 💸

lemwarm has a simple pricing structure of just two affordable plans:

  • Essential. $29/month for basic email deliverability features
  • Smart: $49/month for advanced email deliverability features

Inboxally pricing 💴

Inboxally offers three different standard plans: Starter, Premium, and Plus.

Starter is the cheapest plan at $49/month, and the Plus plan goes for a whopping $1,119/month!

3 reasons to choose lemwarm over Inboxally

  1. Blacklist and sender reputation monitoring: lemwarm is watching over your deliverability and notifies you in case of any problems.
  2. Outreach expertise: lemwarm comes from the team behind outreach tool lemlist. They know how to achieve impeccable deliverability for email outreach.
  3. Pricing: lemwarm’s plans are much more affordable than Inboxally’s subscriptions.

Final verdict 👩‍⚖️

Both lemwarm and Inboxally are good deliverability tools.

However, lemwarm stands out if you need email deliverability for outreach, as it was designed for that.

Its specialized algorithms and monitoring tools will help you ensure better inbox placement for cold outreach emails.


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