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lemwarm VS Mailivery - Email deliverability tools compared

June 14, 2024
7 min.

Cold sales emails have an average open rate of just 23.9%.

The low open rate is primarily an email deliverability problem.

However, you can solve this issue by using a good email deliverability tool.

But which tool is actually…well…good?

We’ve been comparing email deliverability tools for a while now, and today, lemwarm and Mailivery are facing off.

lemwarm VS Mailivery comparison table 🆚

Let’s start with a bare-bone feature comparison:

Feature lemwarm Mailivery
Free trial
Price of cheapest plan $29/month $29/month
Email warm-up
Unlimited warm-up inboxes
Warm up your templates
Deliverability score
Technical setup check
Sender reputation monitoring

lemwarm standout features

  • Deliverability alerts: lemwarm alerts you when deliverability issues arise.
  • Goes beyond traditional email warm-up: With features like technical setup check and the deliverability score,  lemwarm goes beyond traditional email warm-up to take care of your complete email deliverability.
  • Constant tweaks and improvements: lemwarm’s development is being led by a team of email outreach experts who know the finer intricacies of email deliverability of email outreach. This results in timely feature updates to ensure the highest deliverability for your emails.

Mailivery standout features

  • Warm up your own templates: Allows for a warm-up process that mimics the emails you will use for your outreach. You can do the same with lemwarm.
  • Peer-to-peer sending between customers: Mailivery sends your warm-up emails to other customers, which makes for genuine warm-up interactions.
  • Unlimited inboxes: All plans are restricted by the number of warm-up emails you send, but you can add unlimited inboxes to your account.

lemwarm pricing 💴

lemwarm’s best plan, called Smart, costs $49/month.

However, the Essential plan may be more suitable for tighter budgets at $29/month.

Mailivery pricing 💸

Mailivery’s cheapest plan, Starters, also starts at $49/month.

After that it goes up fast with Mailivery’s professional plan costing $79/month, and its business plan $199/month.

3 reasons to choose lemwarm over Mailivery

  1. Complete deliverability monitoring solution: Traditional email warm-up is no longer enough. In 2024, it’s necessary to also tend to other deliverability aspects like the technical setup, sender reputation monitoring, and emails’ actual content (coming soon).  lemwarm can help you with that.
  2. lemwarm team responsiveness: lemwarm’s outreach experts are quick to introduce or improve features if they help deliver your emails where they belong: your audience’s inbox. Additionally, lemwarm’s support team is also quick and capable.
  3. lemwarm is free with a lemlist Pro subscription: lemlist is a multichannel outreach tool that allows you to scale personalization like no other tool. By purchasing a lemlist Pro subscription, you’ll get lemwarm for free for as long as you keep your lemlist plan active.

Conclusion 🔚

For basic email warm-up, Mailivery can do the trick for you.

However, you can get a more advanced email deliverability solution like lemwarm for the same price.

Moreover, you can get it for free with a lemlist subscription.

But whatever solution you choose, please do not neglect your deliverability as it could cost you a lot of money.


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