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lemwarm VS Mailwarm - Email deliverability boosters compared

June 12, 2024
7 min.

It’s 2024, and landing in your audience’s inboxes is harder than ever.

If you’re doing email outreach and plan on just sending some emails, you will likely be disappointed.

However, if you use deliverability tools to boost your inbox placement, it might be the difference between success and failure for your business.

In this post, we pit two deliverability boosters against each other: lemwarm and Mailwarm. ⬇️

lemwarm and Mailwarm compared 🆚

Feature lemwarm Mailwarm
Free trial
Entry price $29/month $69/month
Email warm-up
Size of warm-up network 20,000 inboxes 1,000 inboxes
Warm-up network tailored to your industry
Sender reputation monitoring
Blacklist monitoring
Technical setup check
Deliverability score alerts

lemwarm key features 🔑

lemwarm goes beyond the standard email warm-up tool with advanced email deliverability boosting features:

  • Industry relevant warm-up network: Your warm-up emails aren’t just sent to random email accounts. Instead, lemwarm asks you some questions to determine your industry and then sends your warm-up emails to email accounts that are highly relevant to your niche.
  • Deliverability score alerts: Not only does lemwarm keep track of your deliverability score, but it also alerts you should issues arise. This gives you peace of mind regarding your deliverability. You don’t have to neurotically log in to lemwarm multiple times a day to check your deliverability score; lemwarm does it for you.
  • Free with lemlist: lemlist is an email outreach tool with next-level features like multichannel outreach (not just email but also LinkedIn and cold calling) and human-like bulk personalization. lemwarm comes free with a lemlist Pro plan.

Mailwarm key features 🗝️

Mailwarm is a traditional warm-up service and, as such, doesn’t offer advanced deliverability-boosting features. However, it does have several other features, all of which are also available in lemwarm.

  • Automated warm-up: Mailwarm, once set up, runs automatically.
  • Blacklist monitoring: If your sending domain has been flagged as potentially spammy, Mailwarm lets you know about it.
  • Reporting dashboard: Basic reporting dashboard, which tells you how many warm-up emails have been sent and how many replies you have received.

lemwarm pricing 💴

As mentioned earlier, lemwarm is free with a lemlist Pro subscription.

If you’d rather purchase a stand-alone lemwarm subscription, it comes in two flavors:

  • The Essential Plan offers basic deliverability boosting features like email warm-up, technical setup check, and deliverability reports.
  • The Smart Plan has everything the Essential Plan offers, plus advanced features like personalized warm-up emails, the option to warm up your real templates, and a warm-up network tailored to your industry.

Mailwarm pricing 💸

Mailwarm offers three different plans:

  • Starter: 50 warm-up emails/day - 1 email account
  • Growth: 200 warm-up emails/day - 3 email accounts
  • Scale: 500 warm-up emails/day - 10 email accounts

3 reasons to choose lemwarm over Mailwarm

  1. lemwarm is a complete email deliverability tool that includes (advanced) warm-up features, whereas Mailwarm is just a traditional warm-up tool.
  2. lemwarm has been specifically designed to improve email deliverability for email outreach and prospecting, which is different from other email marketing.
  3. lemwarm comes from a team of email outreach experts who are constantly improving their products. Mailwarm, on the other hand, gives off a stale impression.

Final verdict 👩‍⚖️

If all you need is basic warm-up, Mailwarm could do the trick.

However, for professional deliverability boosting and monitoring, lemwarm seems to be the better pick.

lemwarm’s entry price is $29 for its essential plan.

However, attractive discounts are available if you pay quarterly (10%) or yearly (20%).


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