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lemwarm VS Warmy - Battle of email deliverability tools

June 13, 2024
7 min.

When doing email outreach, writing great campaigns isn’t enough.

Achieving a high deliverability for your emails is at least as important.

Fortunately, there are tools available that can help you improve your deliverability.

Today, we’re comparing two of those tools in this lemwarm VS post.

lemwarm and Warmy compared 🆚

Feature lemwarm Warmy
Free trial
Automatic email warm-up
Warm up your email templates ✅ from $49/month ✅ from $189/month
Warm-up network tailored to your industry
Choose warm-up language
Sender reputation monitoring
Technical setup check
Email content checker coming soon

lemwarm key features 🗝️

  • Warm-up network relevant to your industry: One of lemwarm’s key features is that it doesn’t just send your warm-up emails to any email account. Instead, it lets you pick an industry and then send the warm-up emails to email accounts that are relevant to that industry.
  • Warm up your own templates: Allows you to see how your templates perform and lets ISPs get used to the type of emails your domain sends.
  • Sender reputation monitoring and alerts: lemwarm keeps track of your sender reputation and sends you alerts in case things go astray. key features 🔑

  • Send up to 5000 warm-up emails/day: Warmy is one the few warm-up services that allows you to send that many warm-up emails daily.
  • Warm up your own templates: Like lemwarm, Warmy also lets you warm up your own templates. This can positively affect your future deliverability.
  • Choose warm-up language: Warmy is pretty unique in that it allows you to send warm-up emails in several languages other than English. For example, if your outreach will be in Spanish, sending warm-up emails in English makes no sense. Warmy lets you avoid this problem by warming up your email by sending warm-up emails in Spanish.

lemwarm pricing 💴

lemwarm offers two distinctive plans:

  • The Essential Plan: basic warm-up and deliverability boosting features for $29/month.
  • The Smart Plan: advanced features for optimal email deliverability for $49/month. pricing 💸

Warmy has five different plans.

  • Its cheapest plan, called Starter, starts at the price of lemwarm’s best plan: $49/month.
  • Warmy’s Platinum plan is its most expensive plan at $429/month.

3 reasons to choose lemwarm over Warmy

  1. Relevant expertise: lemwarm is created by a team of email outreach experts. If you’re doing outreach, it only makes sense to use an email deliverability tool designed to improve deliverability for outreach.
  2. Price: To get Warmy’s best features, you must purchase an expensive plan. lemwarm’s best plan is the same price as Warmy’s cheapest plan and offers many more advanced features.
  3. Sender reputation monitoring: lemwarm’s sender reputation monitoring keeps an eye on your deliverability score and notifies you immediately in case it drops.

Final verdict 👩‍⚖️

Warmy is a warm-up tool with some interesting features.

However, its price and the fact that lemwarm has been specifically created to warm up your email for outreach use may make you decide to go with the latter.

We don’t care which solution you choose, as long as you do use a deliverability tool.

Without it, many of your emails will land in the spam folder. 🙁


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