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lemwarm VS TrulyInbox - Which deliverability tool is best?

June 15, 2024
7 min.

If you’re doing email outreach, you need an email deliverability tool.

Without it, many of your carefully crafted emails will land in the spam folder.

Unfortunately, not all deliverability tools bring the advertised results.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve been comparing many deliverability tools.

Today, we take a closer look at how lemwarm and TrulyInbox compare.

Comparing lemwarm to TrulyInbox 🆚

Here’s a table that compares lemwarm’s features to TrulyInbox’s:

Feature lemwarm TrulyInbox
Automatic email warm-up
Deliverability score
Sender reputation monitoring
Warm-up network tailored to your industry
Warm up your own templates
Personalized warm-up emails
Technical setup check
Custom deliverability alerts & tips

lemwarm key features 🔑

  • Advanced warm-up features: While lemwarm is more than just a warm-up tool, it offers advanced warm-up features like a warm-up network tailored to your industry and the option to warm up your own templates.
  • Deliverability alerts: With lemwarm, you can rest assured that your deliverability is taken care of. Should issues arise, lemwarm will notify you immediately.
  • Technical setup check: Your technical setup is the technical foundation of your deliverability. Ignoring it can be a costly mistake. lemwarm checks all the important DNS records of your domain so that you can ensure everything is in order.

TrulyInbox key features 🗝️

  • Connect multiple email accounts to warm up under the same plan: Although lemwarm is not just a warm-up tool, its warm-up features could be considered more advanced than TrulyInbox’s. With all the other plans, there’s no limit to the number of email inboxes you can warm up. The caveat? The limit is for the total number of warm-up emails sent, not the number of inboxes.
  • Customize your warm-up schedule: Set your preferred warm-up speed. Slow is generally less risky, but needs may vary depending on the situation.
  • Set reply rate: You can decide how many replies you want your warm-up emails to get.

lemwarm pricing 💸

lemwarm comes in two flavors:

  • Essential for basic email deliverability features - $29/month
  • Smart for advanced deliverability features - $49/month

TrulyInbox pricing 💵

With four different plans, TrulyInbox has a plan for every business need.

  • The Starter plan costs $29/month and gives you 5 email accounts to warm up, but only 20 warm-up emails per inbox per day.
  • The Growth plan costs $79/month for unlimited email inboxes (20 active accounts) and 20 daily warm-up emails per inbox.
  • The Scale plan costs $159/month for unlimited email inboxes (50 active accounts) and 50 daily warm-up emails per inbox.
  • The Business plan costs $239/month and allows for unlimited inboxes (75 active accounts) and 75 daily emails per inbox.

3 reasons to choose lemwarm over TrulyInbox

  1. Not just a warm-up tool: lemwarm is a complete email deliverability tool with features like sender reputation monitoring and technical setup check. TrulyInbox is more of a traditional warm-up tool.
  2. More advanced warm-up features: Even though lemwarm is not just a warm-up tool, its warm-up features could be considered as more advanced than TrulyInbox’s.
  3. Pricing: lemwarm and TrulyInbox both have their cheapest plans priced at $29/month. However, lemwarm’s advanced warm-up features may offer better value for money. If you need to warm up multiple inboxes, however, TrulyInbox might be more suitable.

Conclusion 🔚

Achieving good email deliverability is harder than ever.

For email outreach, it’s essential to have an email deliverability soldiering behind the scenes to improve or maintain your deliverability.

Obviously, we love Lemwarm, but the most important thing for you is not to neglect your deliverability.Ignoring your deliverability could cost you a lot of money since many of your emails will land in the spam folder.


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