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lemwarm vs Mailreach - Which Email Warm-up Tool Is Best?

April 18, 2024
7 min.

For email outreach, a higher deliverability means more money in the bank.

However, big email senders and receivers like Gmail and Yahoo constantly make achieving a high open rate harder.

Luckily, there are tools around that can help you improve your deliverability.

Two of those are lemwarm and Mailreach and we’ll compare them today to help you decide what deliverability tool is best for you and your goals.

lemwarm and Mailreach Compared 🆚

Feature lemwarm Mailreach
Free trial
Entry price $29/month $19.50/month
Sender reputation monitoring
Personalized warm-up emails
Warm-up network tailored to your industry
Blacklist monitoring
Technical setup check

lemwarm Key Features 🗝️

  1. There’s a team of outreach experts behind lemwarm. These folks know about deliverability issues that can occur when doing email outreach.
  2. Advanced warm-up and deliverability features like warming up your own templates and getting alerts when deliverability issues threaten to derail your email outreach.
  3. Warm-up network of inboxes tailored to your niche.

Mailreach Key features 🔑

  1. Basic warm-up tool. No advanced deliverability features.
  2. Smart warming algorithm: Mailreach uses machine learning to optimize the warm-up process.
  3. Spam checker: This lets you detect spammy words and phrases in your emails.

lemwarm Pricing 💸

Mailreach Pricing 💵

3 Reasons to Choose lemwarm over Mailreach

  1. ➡️ Superior outreach deliverability expertise: lemwarm is the deliverability tool for people doing email outreach since its team also develops an email outreach tool called lemlist
  2. ➡️ lemwarm has advanced warm-up features: For example, you can warm up your own templates for more consistent warm up, and your warm-up emails are sent to inboxes related to your industry
  3. ➡️ Additional Mailreach Spam Checker credits are not free

Conclusion 🔚

Mailreach is a good warm-up tool, and its pricing is attractive.

However, it lacks the more advanced deliverability features that lemwarm offers.

Additionally, lemwarm is constantly being developed and is becoming a full-blown email deliverability tool for people doing sales email outreach.

Mailreach will probably do the job for basic email warm-up, but for more professional results, lemwarm is the superior tool.


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