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lemwarm VS Warmbox - Head-to-Head Comparison

April 19, 2024
7 min.

Successful email outreach doesn’t start with sending emails.

First, you must establish and monitor your deliverability.

Without this critical first step, most of your emails will go to spam.

Fortunately, there are tools that can help you improve your deliverability.

Today, we’ll compare two of them: lemwarm and Warmbox.

lemwarm and Warmbox Compared 🆚

Feature lemwarm Warmbox
Free trial
Entry price $29/month $19/month
Sender reputation monitoring
Personalized warm-up emails
Warm-up network tailored to your industry
Blacklist monitoring
Technical setup check

lemwarm Key Features 🗝️

  1. Email deliverability suite that goes beyond traditional email warm-up with features like sender reputation monitoring and custom deliverability alerts in case your deliverability goes south
  2. Warm-up network tailored to your industry
  3. Warm up your own templates

Warmbox Key Features 🗝️

  1. Traditional email warm-up tool.
  2. Sender reputation and blacklist monitoring
  3. Technical setup check

lemwarm Pricing 💵

Warmbox Pricing 💸

3 Reasons to Choose lemwarm over Warmbox

  1. ➡️ lemwarm is run by a team of email outreach experts who know outreach deliverability inside out
  2. ➡️ lemwarm offers everything Warmbox does, plus more advanced warm-up and deliverability features
  3. ➡️ The lack of decent English on Warmbox’s website does not instill trust in their product


For basic email warm-up, Warmbox could do the trick.

However, for more professional deliverability boosting and monitoring, lemwarm is the right choice.

We don’t care what solution you pick, as long as you make sure to tend to your email deliverability.

Not doing so means most of your emails will not reach your audience’s inbox, which could potentially cost you a lot of money.


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