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lemwarm VS Warmup Inbox: Email Deliverability Tools Compared

April 18, 2024
7 min.

Email outreach starts with deliverability.

If your emails land in spam, not even the best campaign ever written will save your ROI.

Today, we’ll compare two tools that aim to improve your email deliverability.

The first one, lemwarm, originally just an email warm-up tool, is now transitioning to a complete deliverability suite.

While Warmup Inbox is still a more traditional warm-up service.

Let’s take a look at both and help you decide which one better suits your needs.

Comparing lemwarm to Warmup Inbox 🆚

Feature lemwarm Warmup Inbox
Free trial
Entry price $29/month $19/month
Sender reputation monitoring
Warm up your own templates
Warm-up network tailored to your industry
Technical setup check
Blacklist monitoring

lemwarm Key Features 🔑

  • Email deliverability suite with warm-up, technical setup check, blacklist monitoring, and custom deliverability reports and alerts
  • Personalized warm-up emails
  • Warm-up network tailored to your industry

Warmup Inbox Key Features 🔑

  • Email warm-up tool with custom warm-up topics, and the option to warm up your email templates
  • Warm-up network of 30,000 inboxes
  • Custom warm-up topics

lemwarm Pricing

Warmup Inbox Pricing

3 Reasons to Choose lemwarm over Warmup Inbox

  1. lemwarm is being developed by a team of email outreach experts who know outreach deliverability issues inside out
  2. lemwarm is more than just a warm-up tool as it’s being transitioned into a full-blown email deliverability tool
  3. Warmup Inbox does not include a technical setup check that validates your email authentication records. These records are essential for good deliverability.

Conclusion 🔚

For simple email warm-up, Warmup Inbox might do the job for you.

But if you need a more professional solution to boost your email deliverability, then lemwarm is the superior choice.

It’s constantly being developed by outreach experts who know how to improve deliverability for email outreach.


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